Thursday, October 27, 2016

D+X Girl Group

You have to have your buddies!

So Guess what girls?  I got to kiss Miss Jada at the party last night!  It was so exciting!!

Yeah, we all saw you Kayla.  You were kissing out on the dance floor for five minutes after the music stopped.

True dat Diane!  Now me, I didn’t kiss any of the staff members, but I snuck that cutie Barbie into the bathroom for some fun one on one time!

So you’re the one that caused the long line then Penny!  Geez, you know the bathroom has other uses than your personal kissing booth!  You were in there so long that I almost had to whip out the ‘ole skirt snake and pee in the sink!

Gross Josephina!  You know just because you don’t have a chastity cage on your she-cock like the rest of us doesn’t mean you have to brag!  Come on, it’s supposed to be a girls school.  You should be peeing while sitting down like everybody else!

Sorry girls!  But you know it’s my turn to be the practice dummy in sex class and Miss Lace forgot to put my cage on after the last class.  Now let’s hurry it up.  Miss Lace hates us being late for class and will give us all spankings if we’re not ready when the bell rings!

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So I'm trying to post a few obscura's this week relating to my favorite role playing place; the D+X Institute.  I'm going to take quite a bit of liberty with these obscuras, but they will all be based on things that really happen at D+X. 

Girl Group.   I think the best thing about D+X is the players.  The group of people that you make friends with both in character and out of character.  There have been many times that I log into D+X and don't post to any thread at all.  Instead I just hang out in the chat or the shoutbox and just talk with my friends.  

I do that for the most obvious reason... they're my friends and I enjoy hanging out with my friends.  I think of it like high school or college.  Yes, I was classmates with all of my friends and while we'd talk about classes, homework, extra credit, and upcoming tests often, we'd just as often talk about playing computer games, dungeons and dragons, the newest fantasy book, or the most recent episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (yeah... I was on the geeky/nerdy side of the spectrum in highschool!).  We were friends first and classmates second.  

That same concept holds true at D+X.  In fact it's why I came back to D+X after being gone so long.  I had no great desire to role play as a woman.  That side of my fantasy life was doing just fine in my own imagination and through the aid of internet photos and videos.  No, I wanted to visit and reconnect with my friends.  I came for the roleplay, I came back for the friends!  

Have you ever had a fantasy of being changed into a girl and making friends with similarly transformed guys/girls ?  Well it's just one of the many MANY fantasies you can live out at D+X.  Come on over and set up an account or read more about playing at D+X here!

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