Sunday, October 23, 2016

D+X Institute

Wanna know where I spend most of my time?

OK, lemme start like this.  I'd like you to come play with me.

Yes you read that correctly.  I'm not meaning that I want you to come over to my home, dress each other up, and have a fun sexy romp.  But I DO mean that I'd honestly like you to come over and role play with me.

You see, I check in and play at D+X almost every single day.  It's how I most commonly express my feminine side.  I used to do this by making caps and later by making obscura.  When I first started to play at D+X it was reversed.  I'd express myself through my caps and playing there was more just for fun.  But now capping (obscuring?) is more for fun where almost all of my energy goes into D+X.

And I honestly believe that if you enjoy TG caps, that you would enjoy playing at D+X.  I believe that the best part of reading caps is imagining yourself in the position of the guy changing into a girl.  And if you enjoy that in the small stories you see in caps, then surely you'd enjoy that in a longer more complex form.  And the best part of it is that you play your part as you'd like to play your part.

Have you ever read a really good cap or story but kind of fall out of it when the subject doesn't act like you would?  Say he/she gets too happy with her body and new lot in life where you'd struggle more against the transformation?  Or the opposite, she continues to struggle where you'd love to kneel down and just gobble on some cock?  Well... then BE the story.  Live it out just as you'd like.

Now we could all get together and make up our own role playing world.  But like making a good cap the hardest part is often explaining the hows and whys.   Is it magic or technology that changes you?  Are you changed and then thrust back into the world, or does the person that transformed you keep you in his basement. Is there cross dressing?  Are you maid to be a maid? A housewife?  A girlfriend? A secretary?  A nurse?

Those details most often just kind of get into the way of just enjoying the story.   Well D+X has you covered there.  While there is plenty of room for personal variation, you are going to go through a technology based transformation.  Once you have your new enhanced body, you'll be directed into one of D+Xs departments.   The Finishing School (for trophy wives and prized daughters), Hospitality (maids), Office Services (secretaries), Personal Services (whores), Catacombs (slaves), Health Care (nurses), or Media Services (fantasy girls...basically fantasies that don't fit the other established departments).   You'll start as a 'new girl' but take classes to progress in levels.  You end up working toward graduation.

Now while that may sound quite regimented, trust me it has a lot of room for personal variation.  You can do this willingly, or be forced into it.  You can be a shemale, or have a fully functioning pussy.  You can play sexually but you can also avoid that side of play.  You can be shy or brazen, dominant or submissive, funny or grouchy.  And really, no matter what you decide to play you're almost sure to find others there playing in a similar way.  In other words... you'll find like minded people.  Hell... if you don't want to play the 'girl' game there is even a class of players called Patrons.  These are 'guests' of the D+X Institute (the Institute includes a world class resort where the girls work) and they can use the girls as they please (within certain rules).

Don't want to be transformed into a girl?  No problem... be a male patron!  Trust me, you'll get a LOT of attention from the girls as a male patron!

And the teachers?  They're all players too.  Most of them are girls who got promoted to a staff position and they're as varied as the girls.  Some are sweet and nice, some are whip wielding mistresses, some are sex crazy, while others are abstinent.  Some are mother figures others are like crazy fun aunts.  And yes, there are plenty who will be the perfect school teacher.  If you play well and long enough you'll probably be asked to be a staff and participate in an entirely different stage of the game.  The 'staff' game is really different than the 'girl' game but just as fun.

There are rules of course as you'd be playing in a common universe.  But honestly I haven't seen much of anything that was outright denied.  Magic... there's no magic in this world.   The Institute is perfect and powerful and infallible.  You won't escape, but you can certainly try.  There are no transformations beyond male to female, but there are some characters that are animal hybrids that were grandfathered in.

So that's the universe of D+X.  But that's really just the framework.  What makes this place so special are the players and administrators.  They almost all want the same thing... for you to come in and play out your fantasy.  Yes, they're all playing their own characters too and won't necessarily change into an evil Mistress just because you need an evil Mistress... but they will help you find someone who is already playing an evil Mistress if that's what you truly want.

I'll give you my story there as an example of how my fantasy was planned, grew, and changed.  If you don't want to hear about my experience just skip down to the next section after the dashed lines.

When I started playing at D+X back in January of 2011 I wanted to play the forced humiliating involuntary transformation.  I wanted to play as a shemale who's 'clitty' was locked away in a chastity cage.  I wanted to end up in a secretarial position and eventually work for a man who would force me to be sexually intimate with him.  I discussed this with one of the people working with new characters and we set up the basic story.  My character was a male designer/manager who was dating the bosses daughter.  The owner found out and thought he was abusing her daughter (my character and the daughter were into BDSM).  So she sent me to the D+X Institute with instructions to change me into a submissive secretary who would be used just as I had used her daughter.  She told me it was for a sexual harassment class.

I went through the arrival process and was transformed into a shemale.  Long red hair, C cup breasts, a cage on my penis, smooth sensitive skin, a lilting sexy voice.  I was assigned to the OS (Office Services) department where I struggled against the idea of giving my life up.  The ME (managing executive) convinced me that if I participated and made it through to graduation that they would change me back and let me go... if I still wanted to leave at that point.  At that point I started taking classes.  I met several other girls and became friends with some of them.  As I took more and more classes I became more and more comfortable seeing and thinking of myself as female.  But the obvious penis between my legs and the cage preventing any sexual pleasure was getting in the way of me fully accepting my new place.

Around that time I got my first secretarial job... for a male executive.  I had shared my fantasy with him and with little prompting he made that fantasy come true.

Organically in a class, the teacher convinced my character to go through a procedure.... to trade in my caged 'clitty' for a functioning pussy. I didn't prompt her into this and she didn't ask me if it's what I wanted... it just came up in the class and we played it out.  That's how I became a fully functioning 'girl' (and yes, my boss utilized my status as a fully functioning girl!).

As I became more comfortable with my new lot, I aided other new girls in the OS department.  At first I was a 'big sister'... helping new girls find their way in the world.  Later I started to teach classes.  Eventually I stopped taking classes myself and started teaching them.

I became 'Miss Caitlyn'. I was a supervisor to new girls and even participated on a few transformations.  I not only was comfortable as a woman, I was becoming more confident and even dominant.  I started playing with another girl and took her on as a girlfriend... a submissive girlfriend.  I got my own secretary and helped her live out several fantasies.  I even started a secondary character (an alt) as a male patron so I could help others play out through those kinds of fantasies.  Eventually I met a male patron who was becoming a male staff member.  He taught me a couple classes.... basically two sex classes... and we started to play falling in love.

About that time I completely lost my feminine side.  It's when I got my job and I reluctantly eventaully stopped playing at D+X and capping all together.

Fast forward several years.  I wanted to start playing again but didn't have my feminine self. I didn't want to play a new character as I closely related to 'Miss Caitlyn' and that's how my friends there knew me.  And yes, I had made many friends there.  I logged back in and just hung out for awhile.  There's a social area called the shout box where people gather and chat.  Sometimes its about things going on in the D+X world but most of the time it's just people chatting and enjoying each other's company.  I shared my problem with several close friends... wanting to come back but knowing that I couldn't play a strong confident woman who was a staff member and a mentor to new players.... and we all worked together to make something work.

I made up a story with the permission of the administrators.  My character 'Miss Caitlyn' was sold. Technically she was still property of the Institute even though sales are generally for the 'girls'.  Her new owners ended up playing with her memories.  Implanting new ones, erasing old ones, bending and changing those that stayed.

In short, the same character I was before was changed into practically the same girl she was when she first arrived at the Institute.  She was shy, nervous, scared of sexual activities, and returned to girl status.  She had to take classes and thought of herself as a slave to the institute.  In short... she was me again.

That was last November... just about a year ago.  I played through as a girl.  I met the man who was starting a relationship with before I left and he helped me through finding myself.  It wasn't fast nor was it easy... especially as many people there still thought of me as 'Miss Caitlyn'.  But as I played more, more people helped me.  I made new friends and remade old friends.  Some people had left and a lot had changed, but the biggest best part of D+X was still there... a strong group of players that want to have fun and get to know each other and help everybody live out their fantasy.

At this point I am closer to the strong confident woman I was when I left than the scared girl I played through twice.  It's perfect timing as I've also just finished my last class and am going through the process of graduation.  I've talked to several administrators and know that I'll be returning to staff.  Soon I'll truly be 'Miss Caitlyn' again.

So that's my story there.  If you read through it you can see that it met almost all of my expectations, but also went well beyond them.  I didn't expect to ever play the 'staff game'.  I didn't expect to ever fall in love.  I didn't expect to ever be comfortable.... hell I didn't expect to get a fully working pussy!  But it all happened because it's a bit complex world and there are so many good players there.

Now not everybody there is an experienced role player. I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons as a kid and young adult so I had my fair share of playing through something and the dynamics of setting up a world and setting up a character.   But there are plenty of people that come and have never role played before.  There are people that have never shared their desire for TG to anybody.  Some people learn how to play well and help others, some just aren't that good at role playing but are creative as all get out and still play a lot.  There is just so much variety that when I say almost anybody can find happiness and joy at D+X Institute, I'm not kidding in the least.

And that leads me to the whole point of this post.   I'd like you to come play with me.  D+X is at its most fun when there are a lot of players.  New players, old players, good players, evil players, feminine players, masculine players, experienced role players, and novice role players.... just a lot of players.

If you have questions about playing there you can certainly reply here... but honesty I suggest you go to and set up an account.  This will give you access to the shoutbox and you'll find people there that are willing to answer your questions in real time.  And heck, you'll probably catch me there too!

Yes, a part of me asking you to do this is for my benefit.  It's better if there are new players.  But honestly if you've followed any of my posts and know me at all, you know I wouldn't ask this if it wasn't something that I didn't think you'd enjoy.  I really do think that if you have any interest in TG and playing through a fantasy of it, that you'll just love D+X Institute.

Come on over to the pink side.  Tell em Caitlyn sent ya!

Oh... and a little P.S. here... I actually made a cap in the D+X world called "Escape from D+X Institute" if you'd care to read about something that could have easily been played out there.

And an extra P.P.S.... I'm going to try and make several Obscuras about experiences at D+X.  Like most Obscuras they'll be short quick and to the point but I'll also be posting on how something like that actually happens at the Institute and how much fun it is to role play through.  To follow these just click on the D+X label.

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