Sunday, February 21, 2021

Corporate Perk

Two caps for the price of one!

If you want to just skip to the cap(s) you can scroll on down and see them below.  But before you read them I wanted to explain why there are two and how I went about making them.  

So, like "Where are they!?" this cap came from me cleaning up my old cap stuff.  Evidently I had this idea for a Haven trade with dunadin back in 2013.  I have a notepad saved with four fuskator galleries and little notes under each.  I'm not sure why, but I ended up making dunadin "Sating his lust" instead of any of the other images or galleries. And while that cap and the photo used in it are sexy, I far prefer the other galleries.   

I also may make the other caps, so I'll keep those a bit of a secret.  The one I used here read "fucking a former underling at work who wanted access to the executive showers.  Finally brought him/her back to work and she now works as his secretary and sex toy."  I still occasionally like to make caps from the perspective of the person performing the transformation, but I think I now strongly prefer to put the reader into the heroine's spikey high heels and let them experience the story from her perspective.  Beyond that little detail, I liked the image and liked the story idea, so I got to writing.  And writing.  And writing.... damnit:

I know.  It's hard to read.  The text is too small and I used every little trick to get it as big as possible without major cuts to the story.  The problem is that I'm still used to making obscruas and I don't have a text limit on those.  In reality, this would be a short obscura as it barely exceeded a page in MS Word.  But to make it fit, I had to expand the image to the right by 100 pixels (actually 73 pixels, but who's counting?).  

But I liked it.  I figured I could do something that I've done before, but often only tell you about it afterward... re-write it.  Tear down the story into its more base components, write it again with less words, but still leave the oomph to it.  It's actually a procedure I try to use while writing my stories because lets face it... I'm wordy!  Maybe if I'd done that on Thesis, more people would have read it and enjoyed it.  

Anywho, it wasn't too hard to re-write.  It took about four passes as I was keeping a lot in instead of cutting it apart with an axe.  Each time I'd put it into Photoshop using the same background image and layout, and saw how the text looked.  I think this version looks a lot better:

It's still a lot of text for this size of cap and I could probably have shorted up that third paragraph to make the last sentence fit more like the last two paragraphs... but this 'quick' cap has now taken over two hours and frankly I'm done.  

Story wise, I think the first one is better.   But since it doesn't matter how good the story is if you can't read it, I think the second cap is the better one.  

Let me know what you think, and if you can't read the first cap (I know it's a royal pain on mobile devises (DAMNED KIDS AND THEIR CELL PHONES!!!)) let me know that and I'll post the text of it here.  

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