Saturday, March 27, 2021


It's always equal or opposite

This was a fun cap entirely inspired by my normal love of the BJ and this image.  The story flew off my fingers and the layout was obvious when I saw the image.  Here's the original:

The problem once I started to work with it was the text.  I initially thought I could get all the text to fit on the top of the image in the dark triangle, but then the text would have to be right justified and I dislike right justified text unless its absolutely necessary.  Spinning it around was easy enough, but when I finally got the text in, it was far to small.  Sheesh, now I had to use the lower corner and that meant right justifying the damned text anyway.  

The nice thing about it though was it really focused the image down to 'her'.  The not so nice thing was reading the text.  Anytime it crossed flesh (like her arm) it got difficult.  And no, it didn't matter much if the text was pure white. 

So the next step was blocking out all the stuff that wasn't free of text.  I didn't want to just delete it as there's good visuals there that help fill out the scene, but I still needed it... less.  Photoshop has this great ability of selecting on a gradient.  I could of course select the triangle shapes, but the image would be sharply delineated between 'right' and 'less'.  But by selecting on a gradient that goes a bit in front of the text and ends just a bit after the text edge, it lets there be a slow transition that hopefully isn't noticeable at first.  To make the image 'less' I simply desaturated it (made it almost black and white) and made it much darker.  Here's what it looks like without the text over it:

I think it works.  Sure, it looks silly without the text over it, but then again the text looks silly without the image manipulation under it!  

I hope you like it as much as I liked making it! 

Oh, and while I love to link to the site I get the images from, I actually signed up for a subscription service that has a lot of great 'sites' in it.  This particular image came from SinfulXXX

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