Saturday, July 31, 2021

Coming For You

Wouldn't you love to get this email?  Wouldn't you love to send it?

I was checking Fuskator out for a spark of something different and came upon this image set.  She's of course beautiful and this particular image really caught my attention.  She's in bed next to her obvious lover.   She's writing an email.  To a friend?  A friend who her lover wants to capture and transform just like he did to her?  He's a billionaire who swoops in and gets some young naïve Iowa community college kid, takes him around the world while changing him in every stop a little bit.... body in L.A., makeup in New York, fashion in Paris, slavery in Dubai, proper wife/waifu/submissive in Tokyo.  Making him into her and her into perfection until she willingly calls out to her former friend? 

Yup, the story came that easily.  Writing it was a simple exercise in trying to hint at what really happened while keeping it vague enough that the 'friend' wouldn't realize the feminization under it all.  And while I imagined this as VERY XXX rated, I realize that's in the eye of the beholder and it could be read as very G (hence the clean label).  The real flexing came in that damned email box.  

I started with a simple Google Search for composing an email in MacOS Big Sur.  From there it should have been easy enough to change out the To, Subject, From, and body of the email.  But I kept tweaking and moving and changing it which meant I kept having to cover up parts of the box or make it wider or make it narrower.... BAH.  Yes... it HAD to be a Mac as that's clearly what she's using in the photo.  And now that I think about it, I have a Mac and could have easily opened up Mail, composed this as an email and then taken a screen shot.  Damn it.  

Anyway, I think its a fun cap.  Hope you enjoy it! 


  1. Oh, the peril of putting all the work into something only to realize too late that there was an easier way!

    Great caption (as always), I really love how ambiguous the email is, reminds me of that old story Shisutaabooi in some ways. Keep up the great work!