Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Compelled to Please

We just wanted to make each other happy. 

I'm going to be short here as my vacation starts today and I really need to get on the road!  

I was waking up with my first cup of coffee and decided to catch up on some Discord.  The Evie's Emporium server has a great group of people that like to share their 'hot-pics' and I tend to peruse there to find inspiration.  Well, when I saw this image, I had the basics of this story jump to mind.  

I caught up on everything else, but the idea of this story was still burning in my head.  When I started to write it out though, I stumbled over the same thing that always gets me... how did 'he' transform into 'she'?  Magic would be easiest and would help in the compulsion, but was it a curse?  A wish?  A spell?  And for whatever reason I was reminded of a cap I made a long time ago where I made my own silly version of a bathrobe wearing wizard working out of a mall.  My version was a gypsy working in a fortune telling, cell phone, laundry kiosk.  This was in "Girls Don't Kiss Each Other".  

Once I found the cap and made sure I was using the terminology I set up back then, I added it in and wrote the story out.  About halfway through writing, I figured it might be fun to mimic the style of that cap.  I'm not particularly attached to that style, but it would be fun none the less!  Well... I wrote and wrote and wrote and knew that it wasn't going to work.  I liked the story and it was just too long for that style.  

So, my first attempt at a cap layout... yes, I already committed myself to making this work as a cap and not an obsucrra... was something still from my past but that would allow for more text.  I MIGHT have been able to make this work, but when I got to this point, I just didn't like it.  

So I started over.  No Caitlyn tilt this time (or as I've now learned, it's called a Dutch tilt!).  If you look close at the first attempt, you'll see the story in its more raw form, but there weren't a lot of changes to get the two parts to line up.  I knew from their hair and the wording in the story that I just HAD to have a pink and blue background and Google does what Google does and found me the perfect abstract background.  In case you're wondering, I searched for "pink and blue abstract".  

Anyway, fidget here, change there, add here, subtract there... and it's done!  

I'm not very happy with it as I think the story covers to much of the photo and while the design was fun, it's still 'old' to me.  BUT... I think it works and makes for a good send off and what will hopefully be a fun vacation!  You never know... I might just find a kiosk in some mall and get my fortune told!  


  1. I think the extra effort was worth it, because the cap's composition is beautiful and the story is fantastic to boot!

  2. Absolutely love this - I think I posted the picture so it's even hotter to see what you've done with. I love the way it spirals into debauchery- though I'd certainly enjoy being Gabi the most.

    Also great to read about your process. Great work.