Wednesday, August 18, 2021


She gets what she wants.  And she wants you.  

This is one of those caps that starts off all bright and happy and ends in a big pile of 'meh'.  

I started off the weekend by writing 'Candi Squeeze'.  I really liked the photo and I really liked the story.  That was Saturday morning and while I played a bit online, I didn't get much more done on this side of my life that day.  This morning started off bright and early, and I wrote 'Dear Marci'.  I thought it was pretty good.  It had potential that I left on the floor.  One idea I had was writing out the post like a letter, but writing out what he tried to write, striking that out, and then writing what he was 'forced' to write out.  But the 'forced' letter wouldn't really show the struggle.  Like how he was upset at using the femme name and then fell into using their femme names anyway.  Like I said, it was okay.  I rushed it out a bit because I knew I had this photo waiting for me and had a pretty good starting place.  

I knew the cap... and yes, I really wanted this to be a cap... would be called "Possessive".  Just the way she's holding the newly transformed friend and looking down at her.   That and the concerned look on the other girl's face.  Nice.  

But when I started writing, I kept tripping myself up.  To much writing backstory that would make it to long for a cap.  I had to get in, delete sentences or entire paragraphs, and start over by stating simple facts.  No long story on how he viewed Persephone from afar for days or weeks whens he started in the office, wondering if she had been a model before she decided to come in as a junior executive.  Nope.  They met at work and Persephone started dating him.  Done.  

By the end, or at least where this cap ends, I was just not in the mood.  The story was too short and too succinct.  I think it could make a fun longer mini story by focusing it more on her possessing him through the changes, but then its another obscura and I'd have to just start the entire writing process over. 

You can even see my 'done with this' attitude in the layout.  Recognize it?  Good, because I not only copied the layout from 'Compelled to Please', I actually opened that photoshop file and worked from within it.  At best this gets a C for story, a C for layout, and a D for effort.  Sorry about that.  But, I promised myself long ago that I'll post it if I make it and I did actually finish this.  

Maybe next weekend will bring something better. 

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  1. We're all our worst critics, but I really liked this cap, it's delightfully dark and while the story isn't as robust as an obscura might be, I think it still gets the job done wonderfully!