Saturday, September 25, 2021


Sometimes you gotta think it through.

This was just a quickie I thought up when I saw this image.  It's a small image that I found on a discord server, so it was either keep it very short and simple or make it into an Obscura.  When I started to write, I imagined a story around it with a guy that got changed somehow into a girl (obviously!) and only got a few minutes each day or week to think clearly.  Otherwise he was a passenger in this body of a ditzy blonde bimbo.  He finally gets the chance where his former friend and now boyfriend comes in when he'll be able to think clearly and he tries to explain what happened, but the friend/boyfriend keeps complimenting her/him and asking questions with her/him having to give quick answers.  Yeah or Nah.  

The idea is that the last one would be the former friend asking if our heroine would like to get changed back into a guy just as the bimbo comes back... and she'd take over and answer Nah.  

BUT... as you can see, the idea itself took up all that text to write. How long exactly would the story be?  It was giving up on the idea of a cap all together and I didn't want to do that.  So what if I just wen with the questions?  Maybe even make it more obvious, making the femme side sound better?  

That idea got me going as the format of the photo was perfect with the text on either side of her.  As I was writing out the questions I just abandoned the idea of someone asking them and made it an internal dialog so that some of them wouldn't necessarily be biased toward "femme=good boy=bad".  

I don't think the end result is necessarily "Good".  I do, however, think it's a jumping off point.  Being a POPULAR and ATTRACTIVE woman is always going to be better than being an UNPOPULAR and AVERAGE guy.  I think the telling question is the 'hours on prepping to be pretty vs shit/shower/shave'.  In our society women are just expected to put more effort into their appearance.  Yes, there are edge cases with guys putting a LOT of effort into their look (that scene from American Psycho with Christian Bale comes to mind) and women that put on a dirty T and jeans before going out, but for the most part I, as a guy, can just be 'not stinky' and have clean clothes on and can be accepted.  A female me would be expected to have more effort... hair styled, more effort into clothes, makeup.  Less than that is 'Less' for women.  

I think if you look at questions like that... would I rather put more effort into my appearance rather than being lazy and looking as I do... and come back with an affirmative, then you genuinely want to be feminine.  If, however, you just want the sex and attention and friends... well, then you want to be popular and attractive first.  Maybe feminine, but maybe it's not about gender at all.  

Just something to think about with a simple fun cap.  Enjoy! 

Oh, and I didn't put any labels on this because really none apply unless you put a backstory to it.  I probably could have put 'Blow Job' but I only mention sucking cock once and it's not integral to the cap.  Is this magic?  Tech?  Forced?  Sweet?  I dunno... you tell me.  


  1. Awesome cap! I really love how the image and text fit together!

  2. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it at all, but then again, it's definitely in the wheelhouse of what I would make as a caption. I've definitely made some captions like this in the past.

    Glad you didn't overthink it .. too much! .. and just went with what you had. Sometimes I think that you are the PERFECT candidate to be bimbofied, as you wouldn't have to be so carefully thought out and overanalyze things .. heh, anal!

    As an exercise, I think you should take a image you find and want, and give yourself just 30 minutes to whip something up .. then just WALK AWAY and post it. Maybe give yourself 2 minutes grace to finish off whatever sentence you were working on .. then just WALK AWAY and post it. Don't even question it! I'm sure that would drive you crazy, but honestly, maybe it will do wonders for you!

    1. Thanks Dee! I know it's been said before, but I'm my own worst enemy. Maybe bimbofication would be nice... at least in terms of making caps! TBH, I don't fret over to many any more. With all the tools in my purse (quick caps like this, longer caps, multi panel caps, kinetic text caps, short/long obscuras, short/long stories) I can generally find the right (write?) medium for what I want to say. Most of the time now a days my primary enemies are initial inspiration, time, and not repeating myself.

      I might try the experiment anyway. 30 minutes seems awfully short, especially as I'd have to cut it down to 20 minutes of writing and 10 minutes of photoshop. Hmm... 15 minutes of writing with a 5 minute capper to wrap it up then 10 minutes of photoshop. Or better yet 5 minutes of thought, 10 minutes of writing with the 5 minute wrapper capper, and 10 minutes of photoshop. But then I'm cutting FAR to short, so ditch the photoshop and put it into the writing and just make an obscura. BUT, I still need a header graphic, so I'd need about 2 minutes of photoshop so....

      Yeah, bimbofication might by my only salvation!

    2. repeating yourself is ok. after all each picture has its own personal and qualities that can set it apart from a very similiar story. your stuff is amazing and deenis right, short and sweet are good, and they dont all have to be masterpeices.

    3. Sounds like a plan! The cap certainly sells the appeal.

  3. meant to say even those short and simple dx institute caps you made where they are offering their services were great to read, and a great inspiration.

  4. Not such a tough choice after all.