Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Friday Shopping

Beware the best deals!

This was a fun quick cap.  I was starting my morning by catching up on some blogs I haven't visited in awhile and found myself reading Dee's recent Black Friday post.  When she wrote " just don't usually get to meet a real wizard when you buy things on Amazon! " I had to put as part of my comment "...missing out on a ‘Spells R Us’ find does work against online shopping!"

Once I posted the comment, the entire gist of this cap came to me.  Trying to avoid the Spells R Us wizard by shopping online and of course, failing.  I briefly thought about making it my own version (the kiosk cell phone selling gypsy) but I wanted it to be more overt and something that even a casual TG fan would get.  

The first part... the part that could have easily derailed the entire cap.... was finding an appropriate image.  I don't want a story that fits over just any image so the image has to be... HAS TO BE... at least somewhat relevant.  Knowing I'd probably go through dozens of images and galleries, I hit up fuskator.  And surprise surprise, the second gallery I found was this one.   The surprised look on her face worked for the overall 'oh crap I finally los to the wizard' feeling I wanted, and there were a few things I knew I could bring through in the story.  The pink thong, the black dress with the mussed hair, the light... it all worked.  

It still took me awhile to write as I had to constantly pull back and stop traveling down rabbit holes or unimportant details.  For example, the two deals I mention in the story are considered the best deals of 2013 and 2016.  Why did I need real deals or even to mention the year?  Because I'm insane that way.  

Yes Nurse Ratched, I'll take my medicine now!  

Anywho, I finally got the story done and was hoping it would fit into the photo.  I'd built the story around it and there wasn't a good second image to use as the transformation didn't happen until the end, so this could have easily been an obscura if it didn't fit.  And while it technically DOES fit, I was very VERY close to dumping it anyway.  I just don't like how the bottom text box covers that much of her panties.  

Seriously.  It bothers me that much.  

The saving grace was I changed the term 'panties' in the story to 'thong' so you, the reader, would focus on it going up between her ass cheeks instead of it covering her crotch.  That made it better.  That made it acceptable to me.  

The only other issue is the header graphic itself.  I try to show the general idea of the story in the header while leaving something for the actual image to still tell you.  In this instance, I'd rather not show you the dress or panties as that's the story where showing you a female face... well, I'm pretty sure you already know someone's getting transformed into a woman.  The problem in this instance is the focus of the photograph... literally where the photographer was focusing... is her skirt and ass.  Her face is just so slightly out of focus.  Out of focus enough though that when I crop the rest away, it now looks blurry.  Grr.  Not a big deal as I doubt anybody is going to skip by because of such a small thing, but it's another detail that gets under my skin.  

Anywho, I'm happy I got a 'Thanksgiving' themed cap out this year, even if its focused on overburdening our lives with unbridled capitalism... I mean, Black Friday shopping.  

Happy Turkey Coma's Everybody! 


  1. So glad I was able to "inspire" you to create a caption, especially on a holiday! I knew you have OCD tendencies, but wowza, I like how you described it to us though.

    I can only imagine what sort of look you'd have if you had tried to shop at Etsy! At least if it was Poshmark, you'd probably just end up fitting into whatever clothes you bought perfectly!

  2. Heh, I was expecting the visit to "Amazon" to result in a transformation into a more...athletic sort of female form....