Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't Let Them...

Is it a shemale cap, if I only 'tell' you that its a shemale cap?

Like most times when I finish with a cap, I was feeling pretty good when I posted "Make the Voices Stop" and thought I would ride that wave right into another cap.  

I checked my debt list and found that I owed cainewoof a cap.  Cainwoof honored me by making one of her first caps for me, even before she had a trade folder of her own.  I still added her to my capt debt list noting that as soon as she had a folder I would make one for her.  Well low and behold she now has a folder all her own at the Haven.  

Although I don't do it often, I do like making caps for fairly new members.  Even if it doesn't go over well, I figure I can still help a new member figure out exactly what they want.  And that journey (finding out what you want) never ends.  I just recently changed my own preferences.  

Anyway...  one of cainwoof's preferences is "Pregnancy is my biggest fav".  So I immediately wanted to make that happen for her.  But even before looking for an image I hit a wall.  Why would anyone want a pregnancy cap? I personally don't get it, and am in general turned off by it.  Thats not to say I feel any different toward people who DO like them... I just don't enjoy them myself.  But at one time I didn't like making softer more emotional caps, and by making several of those I now get it.  So why not give pregnancy a good try. 

So I played around with some of her other preferences that caught my attention, including:

Forced to relieve part of your life like High School, Harem/Slave Girl, Breeding Machine, and addicted to cum.  

I got the vague idea of someone getting sent back into their highschool past to investigate a person who went missing.  But instead of going back into their own body, they were transformed into the person they wanted to investigate.  That person (female of course) was kidnapped and made into a breeding slave.  The picture I imagined would be a pregnant woman having sex, and the story would explain some odd process how they would have sex to ensure that once she gave birth, she would start over as pregnant.  

Ok... not so vague.  But most of those details would come from the story. I only needed a pregnant woman, and preferably one having sex.  

So I started looking for images.... and man I just couldn't get over my dislike of a pregnant woman.  Now understand there is nothing wrong with a pregnant woman.  They can be beautiful, glowing and radient.  But the one thing I never think of when I see them is sexy.  And I try to have that 'sexy' feel in all of my caps.  

But without me thinking of the pregnant women I was viewing as 'sexy' I just couldn't imagine it in a cap that I wanted to feel sexy.  In all honesty I didn't spend a long time looking before I realized that I just can't do it.  At least not now.  

Around that same time Dee posted on her blog some pregnancy caps she made, and asked for comments about what people liked in them.  I figured I wold give this a few days to stew, and hopefully find out from Dee's blog what people enjoyed in pregnancy caps.  

Sadly she didn't receive any responses.  None.  (btw, if you do like pregnancy caps click on over and let us all know why!)  With no more help, I felt obligated to drop the idea.  I really didn't want to make a cap that I didn't think was good and use it for a trial balloon, testing the waters.    So I screpped the pregnancy option, but didn't want to give up on the 'work' required to do that.  I would find it fairy easy to make a harem/slave girl cap or some of cainwoof's other preferences.  But she also lists Shemales.  I skipped over it earlier as I can't think of a scenario involving a pregnant shemale.  But wiht pregnancy no longer on the menu, shemales quickly shot to the top as something that would require some extra work.  

I've talked about my problem with shemale caps before.  I just find it difficult to find a picture of a shemale that I find good and inspiring.  So naturally I had the same problem this time.  I must have searched for about 40 minutes for a good shemale pic.  I was trying to be open about the story and let the image get my engines roaring, but nothing came up.  I dropped it for the day getting absolutely nothing accomplished.  

Then this morning rolls around.  I start off searching for a sexy shemale pic.  I quickly find one that brings back the whole 'back to high school motif'.  What if the guy gets sent back to high school.....

DAMN IT!  I just realized I made this cap, but never used her name.  I try to always use my subjects name in a cap so that it is customized for them, and I forgot to add it into this one.  FUCK!

Anyway, What if the guy gets sent back to high school and ends up as a shemale?  That would certianly cause this experience to be different!  So I searched around for 'shemale schoolgirl' pics and quickly came upon this one.  It was part of a set, so if I wrote a lot, I could use a second image.  

But as I was writing, I realized I kept coming back to these rules that 'she' gave him.  So I decided to riff on that for awhile.  I liked setting up the rules, and showing how he failed every single time, so the cap quickly became just that.  It was shorter than I expected so I never did use another pic.  But only when I posted it did I realize that I have now made a shemale cap that doesn't seem to involve a shemale in the picture.  Sure the story makes it clear, but I could have found just about any pic of a girl on her knees with a cock in her mouth and made the same cap.  

Trust me, that is a shemale in the picture!  

So I ask you my fine audience (all thirteen of you that actually read all of my ramblings):  Does a shemale cap actually NEED a shemale picture?  Do you need to see the 'cock/breast' evidence of the subject being a shemale?  Or does this work as a good example?  



  1. In answer to the question posed, I don't think seeing the actual evidence that the subject is a shemale in the picture is really necessary. It's all about suspension of disbelief for me. If they look like they could possibly be, then that's enough. I like this cap a lot, the whole going back in time, as well as all the rules that are some how not followed. Great cap!