Tuesday, March 1, 2011

But It Was Only Online

Quick cap is quick..... and dirty!

So while I was posting 'Curiosity Finally Fulfilled' over at the haven, I shared it with Jennifer.  Well out of the blue, Jennifer made me one of her magical music caps.  She gets 'inspired' by a song, but instead of just posting the resulting cap, she also posts a link to the song (and even points out the particular part that goes with the song).

I love this idea... I just don't think I could do it half as well as Jennifer.  But I may try it after awhile.

Anyway it was a great cap.  And even after the 'high' of finishing with 'Curiosity', I still felt like capping. Well who better to cap than Jennifer!

Now I knew if I was going to respond to her tonight, I would need to follow the same thought that I had for "Wedding Belles"  So I started by finding a bondage pic (I know Jennifer likes bondage, but didn't use it for her before).  I quickly found this one.  I did a little more searching as I wanted to see the woman tying Jennifer up, but I didn't search long... maybe another minute.

Not finding what I wanted, I went back to this.  I then opened up word and starting writing.  The first draft (which I deleted.... sorry) started out much the same, but went into more details on the online chats and role playing.  It then progressed into a stalker that blackmailed Jennifer into this position.

Now normally I would like this dark tale.  The stalking and blackmail really show how little control Jennifer had.  But it was hitting a little close to home.   Jennifer and I chat.  Jennifer and I role play.  We know many of each other's fantasies.  And I in no way wanted to even HINT that I may be taking this information and plan out a stalking/blackmail scheme for her in real life.  It was that detailed, that I could see Jennifer making that mistake, or worse, having other people think that of me.   So I quickly deleted it, and started over.

The next draft came out just about as you read it here.  When I went to design it, the text was a little short, but as I enlarged the text to fill the space, I realized that I could just take the opportunity to fill out some details.  So I read through it and added the "Do you see this as I pull up my skirt" section.


  1. You know I love this caption and Gushed over it a couple of times, but please bare with me as I do so again.

    I really enjoyed the touches of reality in the caption, It always hits me harder if a bit of truth is mixed in. :D It was a quickie for you, but it will stay with me for a long while. ^_^

    As far as the first draft of the story goes, I love dark tales and don't think I would have freaked out over it. But, I love the final version and it's still plenty dark. ^_^

    Also, if you can find a way to tie me up and make me look like the girl in this picture, you have my permission! *giggle*

  2. Talking with people always helps.

    Last night I was talking with Jennifer about a caption I was making for you. I wanted to make sure the idea was coming through the way it was supposed to, but it wasn't fully formed. (I might try to tighten it up tonight if I get a few minutes alone.) Jennifer was able to tell me what she saw so i could see where I had drifted off.

    While doing that, I think Jennifer ended up thinking about ideas for you as well, since she ended up posting a caption like an hour later! Its awesome when you can tichle another person's brain and get something sweet to come out!

  3. @ Dee

    I liked the 2nd draft of the caption more then the first. the first has a sense of mystery to it, but I think was almost too vague some of it. The 2nd one brings it together with a much better ending I think. It was a great caption over all! ^_^

    And I was already writing some of the caption up when you came on. You did help me over the weekend though, helping me work out that story, Even though I haven't done it, helped get my juice's flowing and I made a caption for Alexia that night.

    Then when you got on while I was making Caitlyn's, it helped me keep my creative juices going as I worked out the caption. ^_^