Sunday, March 27, 2011

Loving Magical Couples Counseling

A feel good dirty cap?  A dirty feel good cap?

For the past few days I've been trying to make a cap, but kept stumbling.  I would find a picture that got me a story, but couldn't get it down on the screen.  Or I would get an idea for a story, but couldn't find an image to work with it.  So instead of giving up, I changed targets.  You see Alectra (of Alectra's Playground) was my intended target, as she was next on my debt list.  But after just making one for her, I guess I wasn't ready to go again.

So the next target on my list was greatgooglymoogly.  Now before I got into the (dry) details of the cap, I have to say that greatgooglymoogly has something missing that I am used to having in targets.... and that is a femme name. I'm Caitlyn... I'm Caitlyn here, I'm Caitlyn on the Haven, I'm Caitlyn over on DX (although there I was assigned Cockslave as my last name), I've Caitlyn on LiL.... I am always Caitlyn when in the TG mindset.  I always try to refer to people by their femme name.  For instance Alectra that I refereed to earlier, her username on the Haven is passonte.  But when I talk to her, or about her, I try to always use Alectra.  I figure that is the name that she chose as her femme self, and the Haven (my blog, her blog... anywhere we meet up) are places that she does to live out some of that fantasy.  So I try to go the extra mile and use it.

But greatgooglymoogly has no preference for a femme name.  In Googly's prefrences it states: "New First Name? anything"   And most people under their username have a female name and a male name.  Googly doesn't have that.  So I always think of Googly as a man.  It doesn't help that the only place I heard the term Great Googly Moogly was this commercial:

So not only do I think of Googly as a man... I picture him as an old crochity man.  Sorry Googs... just being honest.

Anyway... there is a lot to like in Googly's preferences.  For one he likes creativity.   One part in his preferences that really called out to me was: "Really let your mind wander. I love creativity and I love surprises."

But he doesnt' just have that an no starting point. He offers a lot of suggestions.  The general theme that I got (right or wrong.. I'm not sure) is that Googly likes a little romance.. a little love.  He doesnt' shy away from XXX, but that isn't his goal.

Now I'll be honest.. I was in the mood to write XXX.  I feel like I have been skirting around that for awhile now, and have been wanting to do something in that vein.  But I don't want to write XXX just to write XXX.  I want to hit my subjects preferences as well.

So I started to look for photos.  I definitely wanted a series, but I didn't want the standard 'OH NO' expressions I use so often.  I wanted at least one happy look.  I found this set, and chose out the following images as possibilities:

I really loved the smile in that last one.  And the fact that its not a cum shot really drove a lot of the story.  The initial idea I got was 'Nick' found a ticket for a sex clinic in his wife's purse.  She doesn't tell him about it, and ends up having to miss it for some reason.  He takes the ticket and goes in her place expecting it to be an exciting voyeristic time.  Well it turns out that the 'clinic' is making her into a better cock sucker.  So he is transformed into a woman, and given instructions on how to perform a good blowjob.  In the end, his wife shows up and loves him for taking her place, but stops the 'action' before he experiences his first taste of cum.  I think you can see a lot of that in the story I ended up with.

But I didn't feel that it was a good loving story.  Yea, she appreciates him going through with it.. but why?  Why didn't he just up and tell them 'Whoa... I don't' want this, please change me back'.  I really needed a hook to compel him to do this for her... that way he would be showing his love, and she could show her appreciation and 'save' him from finishing.

I brainstormed on it for a while and came up with the marriage counseling instead of a sex clinic.  I remember reading somewhere that there is no happiness, like a happiness after a great sorrow.  So I figured that starting off in a place where their marriage was in trouble would make the ending all the more sweet.

When I started writing, I started in a very linear pattern... they went to the couples session, he went to some individual sessions, he took some classes, they took some classes together... and I realized I had about 2 caps worth of text, and I hadn't got anywhere near the first photo.  But instead of taking most of it out, I started to interweave what I had written with the descriptions in the photos. Then I got the idea that everything he complained about in the sessions and classes would be things he experienced as he was giving his hand/blow job.

That did take some rewriting, but by the time I had the first panel done, I was really liking it.  My only concern is that it isn't easy enough to tell when the text is talking about the present situation, and when it is talking about his past experiences.  In my first draft, I only referred to him as Nick.  But to help seperate it, I started referring to his femme form as Nicky (yea yea, I know... its not original, but its what i started with and it didn't bother me enough to make up and then explain a different name).

After that first panel, the remainder of the first 4 panels was easy writing.  Beyond some tightening up, I didin't do a lot of editing.  And I didn't feel that it was really to long.  I felt that since I was telling two interweaving stories and that they worked off one another, that it worked.  Plus even though this was five panels (four at this point), they were short (900x900) panels using a larger font size than I normaly use, and making the photos larger.

My only problem when I finished the first four panels is that the 'happy ending' was just a sudden input.  It didn't give you enough time to really get that "aww... thats nice" feeling.  I remembered Googly's preferences included lesbianism, but I had skipped by that.  I thought it might be nice if I could find a photo of the same model in a lesbian scene..... and then have him and his wife express their re-newed love, in a sweet yet still kinky way.

Now I've gone on a lot about how I hate working out a story, before having a picture.  Well its even worse when I have to use a particular model.  I knew what i had i mind would be a daunting task... to find out who this model was, and then pray that she had a lesbian scene.  So I made a deal with myself. I would work on trying to find an image (of her, or another image that would work) but I would only give myself 20 minutes to find it.  If I didn't find something that would work in 20 minutes, then I would stop, and the cap would end there.

In all honesty, it only took about 5 minutes.  I was on a site that I hadn't used before (and sadly no longer remember the URL of) that had a large selection of sets all done in roughly the same way.  They were very light and airy.  And they used the same set several times.  So I took a few minutes just to see if the same model (unnamed unfortunately) was used again.  Well two sets later, I found this photo:

I didn't save any of the other pictures from this set, but you have to trust me that this is a different setting, just set up and lit the same.  And it isn't even the same model. If you take a close look at her eyebrows and nose, you can see the difference. But with the majority of her face obscured, I felt it was close enough.  And really I just loved the positioning and expression on "Veronica's" face. It did take some work to write up the last page.  My first swing was fairly short and the text didn't take up nearly enough space (and since I had used 900x900 for all of the previous panels, I wanted to stay at that size).  So I wrote some more... and over shot by like 60%.  So I had to edit that down.  When I put the 'final' edit into the cap I was still over, but by like one or two lines.  So I had to edit the paragraphs out word by word to get it to fit just right.

Now with all these false starts, edits, and re-edits I knew that I was going to save the word file, so I could show you what I was thinking and doing.  I knew that I wanted to do one more proof read, just to catch a few more misspellings, and tighten up some of the phrases, but it was getting late for me.  I had to be at work in 5 hours, so I saved all the panels, saved the original photos, closed Photoshop, turned off iTunes, said goodbye to people I had been chatting with, closed notepad, and closed word.


Yea... I didn't save the word file.  Sorry about that.

But I think it turned out pretty good.  I hope the panels work well togehter, and that the ending works with the story... I get the 'just tacked on' feeling.  But I'm not sure if thats from it being written afterwards, or if it really doesn't jive with the rest of the story.  You'll have to let me know.

As a last note... Jennifer recently posted on her blog how she listens to music while capping.  How it really helps her get into and stay with a certain vibe.  Well I do the same... especially when I have found and/or purchased a new song.  Sometimes I will play just the one song, while others I will play that song, and then let iTunes randomly pick another.  If it goes to a song that doesn't keep me where I need to be, I just go back to the new song and play it again, then let iTunes try again.

Well recently while on DX (and if you like to role play then you need to click that link on the right and give DX a try) and found a list of music from one of the users.  Well I just fell in love with one of them, and have been listening to it practically non stop since I picked it up 4 days ago.  Most of this cap was written to this song.

And before you ask... no I wasn't going for a fast Spanish guitar feel in the cap.... but it kept me focused and kept my mind racing.  I like my mind to be about 1 sentence in front of my fingers!


  1. You kept me guessing the whole way through, but the ending was perfect. I was deeply impressed by all the care you put into this one. Beautiful!

  2. I love how you keep me as role model Caitlyn, i'm really honored, you are quite the stylish capper and your skills with photoshop are quite awesome it just make me want to come back to my Paint Shop Pro and lets the tricks rolling...
    P.I: Just to let you know pasonte is the name i go all over the net, the thing is that the day i joined the Haven, Alectra was coming out but i wanted to keep the name of pasonte, and another thing i'm doing is to try to keep the two worlds taking a different turn on it own...
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra