Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Personal Fantasy

So would your friends like your personal fantasy?

Two caps in two days?  Trust me no one is more surprised or happier than me!

So this one came about really since yesterday.  Jennifer was online and she was passing me some images.  This one just SUNG to me.  His dark skin against her china white skin.  His gloves, her corset, the contrasts... just wow.  I didn't get a good idea at first, but I let it mull over.  Today I got a vague idea.  I pictured going to a fantasy club, and having a guy and his girlfriend writing out a nice but begning fantasy.  As they put it into the box, another couple rushes up and shoves thiers in at the same time.  Well the fantasies get mixed up and the guy and gal swap bodies, and voila... But there were wholes in it.  First, I checked out realfield's preferences and he doesn't mention magic.  Opps.. I guess I missed that on the cap I did yesterday... sorry!  And I didn't want to mess it up again.   There was also why a nice loving girlfriend when changed into her boyfirned against her will would automatically screw her boyfriend in her body in the ass.

Nah... I might make a good cap idea, but not for this image.   Then after watching Prairie Home Companion (a quick aside, if you like the radio show, you should enjoy the film!  Sadly I don't like the radio show) and out having a smoke, this version of that idea came to me.  Two guys at the same fantasy clinic, writing out their own fantasies, but the ole swaperoo is because the fantasies were for each other, not for themselves. I got to writing but a quick story problem came up... if they realized their fantasies were switched, would the now alpha male still do that to his friend?  So I just rewrote it a bit to make Calvin aware of the problem, but being to nice and vague.  I mean if I gave you your fantasy and all I said was that all of your dreams come true, then the next time I see you I'm told you want to become my bitch... well hey wouldn't I be helping out a friend to do that to you!  Yes Sir E Bob!

Design wise this was really simple.  I didn't crop the image all that much, and it was already black and white. But in case you are interested, here are the original files:

Story wise I like it.  I feel that I rushed it, and might have gotten better if I didn't go so fast.. but lately the creative bug doesn't last, so I didn't dwell on it.  I did a quick proof read but mostly for bad grammar and spelling.  I do feel that the story is more of my old style.  A little dirtier, and a little more room for humiliation.  But I'm also trying something that I've noticed.  I've noticed it in some of my caps, as well as other caps that I've really liked.... at the end of the cap I'm leaving out the emotional impact of the subject.  I figure if candy want to 'enjoy' the ride, then there is room for that interpretation.  If candy wants to feel the bitter humiliation and embarrassment, then there is room for that as well.  Those don't have to be tears of joy!


  1. Hmmmm I know not seeing the face of satisfaction she/he may have leaves too much to the imagination, but I think that's good the idea is pretty much alluring.

    I started playing with pre-based universes and conditions to make a cap when I started doing them, but little by little I've to define myself on them, unlikely your style is pretty much present from the start as you describe it, so thats add another good thing on your share ^-^
    Besides I like a little of room to the imagination to fill in my fantasies as you did in this one.

    Is she crying because she is not enjoying it at all? or is she crying because she loved it, but she won't be strong enough to say it? or will he end up as a girl after the experience? (magic plot/tech plot)

    Basically the little things here and there that would seem disconnected from each other but that if you read the text carefully would tie them perfectly is what I really like ^.^
    Good Job...
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra