Sunday, June 19, 2011

[Question] Where do you think... such thoughtful posts with each new one?

Heh... she said I could be talkative!

Ok as an inspiration from the post you did in Angel's blog one, sorry again 'bout that "Giggle" where do you think it comes all the inspiration to make such thoughtful posts with each new one?
And yes you can be as talkative as you want ^.^
To catch everybody up, this is in references to a post and comments from Angel, myself and Alectra on Angel's Captions.  You really should be caught up, as you I am SURE you are reading Angel's blog as religiously as mine.  But just in case someone just got back from vacation I'll post a summary:

Angle was posting my recent cap for her as a guest cap.  I'm honored that she wanted to do such a thing.  In her post Angel was praising my comparing our posts by saying "by the time I post the caption, I'm lucky if I can add one or two lines about it". 

To which Alectra responded with "Don't worry about it Angel, not everyone can be a talkative bitch"

Yea... she was talking about me.  I'm evidently a Talkative Bitch.   I admit I do often ramble in my posts.  But to explain where the inspiration comes from requires a little background (yea.. its another way I get more words in!)

When I started this blog I never thought I would get over a hundred followers, several hundred visits daily, and thousands of page views daily.  My original idea was I would be one of those random blogs people stumble upon, see some nice caps, and head over to the Haven to see more.  Kind of a Highway sign pointing the way to Rachel's Haven.  But at the same time I thought it would be a nice place for me to write down what each cap was.  What I did to make it, what I liked about it, what I didn't like about it.  How I could improve it, and what I should use from it in the next cap.  This would be a good place for it, as again, I didn't expect many people to come read what I wrote.  

Now this might come across as a little odd... but I still have that same mentality.  All the tracking software in the world can't tell me how many people actually read these posts.  I do make you click to where you CAN see them, if you want to see the cap.  But that is just so I can track which caps are viewed more.  

As a quick asside, here are the top 5 caps viewed here at Caitlyn's Masks since opening my doors:
  1. Time Travel Experiments - 6442 Pageviews
  2. Man Up! - 6176 Pageviews
  3. Fuck Time Travel! - 5900 Pageviews
  4. Literature for the Mind, Body, and Soul - 5883 Pageviews
  5. Not All wishes Go Wrong - 5606 Pageviews
Now those results are a little skewed to caps I posted after January of this year.  Thats when I changed the format a bit.   I find it funny that my most viewed cap, is basicly Smitty's caps with my words around them.  Way to go Smitty!

Anywho... back to me being wordy (see how I just threw in a bunch of extra words that seemed informative, but really are just taking up some more space, and increasing my word count!?).  When I make theses posts I have a small idea of what I want to say.  Like this post.. when I started, here is what I wanted to get across:

  • Catch people up on why this question came in
  • Explain that I write for me first, and visitors second
  • Discuss stream of consciousness and show several branches
Thats it.  I could certainly do that with fewer words.  But what you are getting is a slightly edited version of my thought process.  Obviously it is edited to fit into paragraph form, and not involve all the side thoughts (man I want a cig, I wonder what I'll do for dinner, did Glen Miller just come up on the playlist, I wonder how DX is doing, when will Jennifer be back online, I should contact stacy to see how the RP is going....).  I don't just think in list form (although now that I put that list up there, I can't help but stare at it).  Nor do I put up an outside, and then start marking off things when I've covered them.  I just get in my head what I want to say, and start writing.  Its similar to how I write caps, but I'm becoming more disciplined in my writing, by reading and rereading before getting 3 pages down the wrong path.  

What I mean by 'write for me first' is that I am writing this down for me to read later.  I'm not talking about in 20 minutes, or several days... but when I want to remember or even relive the creation process I went through for a certain cap, I can go back and read the post I made for it.  So if you find that interesting, then I'm so happy to provide that for you.  And if you don't... well... I didn't expect you to, so I'm not hurt by it.  I'm just happy that you stopped by and read the cap!  

Now obviously there are times where I am writing for visitors.  These 'question' posts for example.  You asked, and I answer.  I didn't ask the questions, so its not completely for me.  BUT... I love the questions that make me think.  Because the more I think, and put vague ideas/thoughts/actions into words... the more I understand myself.  So in that way, I am still writing for me.  

And of course now I have no idea what I meant by 'steam of consciousness'.  Except that I stay on an idea until something else catches my fancy.  It might be one line to describe why I liked pink in a certain area... it might be 5 paragraphs.  I don't think it through beforehand... I just write what comes to mind.  And by writing in that way, I will often branch off onto some other subject, and may write for a lone while on that subject (like the top 5 cap/pages here... I never intended to write about that, but it came up, I looked it up, and posted it).  

So the short answer to your question Alectra (btw... did I mention that this question was from Alectra of Alectra's Playground?) I think the inspiration comes from the way I think.  Its not an intent to be thoughtful, or inspirational.  I'm happy that people read me that way... but its not on purpose.  Its not intentional. 


  1. WOAHHHHH! talk about wordy, you just surpassed yourself today! eh, eh, eh that's crazy and insane and funny and thoughtful all in the same mixture...

    Uhmmm I'm glad that you like my questions and that they make you come up with more wording times and that they also makes you express yourself the way you are... What i don't like it's that you didn't think about when Alectra gonna ask me again! "giggle", no just joking...
    Pretty informative really and i have to say that i learn a lot from you everyday with every new cap or question and that's make me happy.
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Thank you for sponsoring me!

  2. I don't see the problem of you being wordy in here, especially since you don't have to crunch all them down to fit in a small space. Talk all you want, if we want to read it, we will. I'm betting about half the people are just looking at the captions anyway (spoil sports!) and the rest enjoy reading what you have to say.

    Also. it is nice of you to spew lots of verbiage on our caption blogs as well. Keeps things moving and hopefully makes it interesting to others.

    @ Alectra

    what is up with that whole "eh, eh, eh" thing you do in comments? are you stuttering when you type? Just sort of wondered.

  3. @Dementia: No why should I? eh, eh, eh that supposed to be laughing "giggle" LOL, but lol(laughing out loud) for me is not like laughing like I laugh XD.
    Ouh well if you think is creepy i'll stop "giggle"
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. Your Stream of consciousness posting is a lot more well formed then any of my stuff. lol. I tend to get all over the place, really need to learn to focus on just one subject and say what I want to say, not what I feel.

    And hey! I'm right here! ^_^ *giggle*


    I thought that was meant as a laugh alectra, Like how I do "heh" But I will admit, every time I saw you say "eh eh eh" I thought of the monty python sketch with eric idol. "Nudge nudge, wink wink. say no more eh?" *giggle*

  5. @Jennifer we all try our very best to be wordy like Caitlyn "giggle"... uhmmm is ERIC IDLE "giggle" and yeah I love Monty Phyton ^.^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  6. Its funny, but I have to agree with Dee. I have wondered if that was intended to be a laugh. I thought it might, but I look at 'eh' as either a questioning sound (kind of Canadian... oh those hockey players played their hearts out eh?), or a forceful almost contemptuous sound. I think the closest 'laugh' I could get out of it is 'Heh Heh Heh' which comes across as an 'evil laugh' like you are pulling on your long mustache while you tie up the maiden to the railroad tracks. I think 'he he he' or 'hee hee hee' would come across more universally as a laugh. But then again I have things that are universal, so go with whatever you like. So far as I am concerned its cleared up and when I see 'eh eh eh' from Alectra I'll picture a cute giggling little girl. ;)

  7. @Caitlyn: Uhmmm danm! i tried to sound mysterious as a witch "giggle" okay this will sound strange and very off topic or on topic as the conversations have derivated to my laughing "giggle" times ^.^

    Well i've seen many people doing EH, eh, eh... Heh like Jennifer or any american out there.
    The Heh Heh Heh doesn't convince me and sound strange for me...
    Then the Brit laugh which is Hehehehe all accompanied or separated...
    Martha makes her salutations with a Hej but i think that comes as a Hi or Hello in german, still the first time i thought it's was a laugh.
    Then the spanish which is:
    jajaja (Like LOL) or jejeje (funny way to laugh) jujuju (you laughed over something very funny but in a devious way) jojojo (fat man laughing XD) jijiji (little girl giggling time)
    Talk about weirds explanations ^o^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  8. It is fun to see how other countries write laughing in word form.

    I always took laughing to be some form of HA HA HA HA .. with evil laughing being either Heh heh Heh Heh. If it was a loud laugh with SOME menace to it, you would through in a Bwahahahahaha.

    So in general, I am in the Caitlyn camp as what she had said.

    It just seemed weird to me to keep seeing "eh eh eh" .. I almost thought she was singing the end of the chorus to Rihanna's "Umbrella"

    "Umbrella, ella ella, eh eh eh eh"

    Hope you didn't take what I said as an insult, just sort of wondered.

  9. @Dee: What can I say i'm a cheery gal so I have to know all the ways to giggle or laugh or put on an evil grin or shout, or humour you in every possible way of laughing form...

    Now we could launch another topic on the ways of describing the Hmmm word (cuz there are so many ways to depict it... "giggle").
    But this was for laughing sooooooooo...

    Let's keep the fun.

    Bwahahahaha is also used by the japanese people
    And The Ah Ha is used by the Frenchies as some sort of affirmative laugh "giggle"
    I also like the hihihihihi way of laugh but it sound like Tee Hee as a funny way to be mischievous if you want to or a naivette gal...

    And no, I didn't take that as an insult. ;)

    Well the people around me says that when I laugh it's remind them like i could be singing "giggle".

    And Jennifer already know about this, but I could be mad at you if you could have told me why i'm a cheerful person, that pains me greatly and put me in a bad mood or "moody" for the rest of the week. That's because i've been asked that many times by some people that were mad at me for laughing, come on I like to laugh ^o^

    Laugh is the way of life and you will live longer, plus it's help to train the lungs and the chest voice to sing better, not to say it's relaxing from time to time ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  10. You know.. every comment that came to mind I then found somewhere along the way of back and forth conversation. Except these very few.

    @ Caitlyn and Alectra. Not a bitch. Talkative, oh my god yes. But BITCH? Not that I have seen. Horny and Devious does not make a bitch.

    @ Caitlyn. I confess that I often read the commentary before the actual post. Only rarely do I only read the post.

    @ well pretty much everyone. When I think of eh eh eh I think of Snidley Whiplash laughing.

    he he he...

  11. @To everyone so let's keep the fun

    There are some people who actually wondered about the way of laughing type forms in the world ^.^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  12. @ Alectra. Yes that is amusing. Even though I can not imagine someone actually using zuhaha. I don't think I have EVER heard a laugh starting with a Z.
    And besides how seriously can we take a commentary from someone that uses Foamy The Squirrel as his avatar?

    I think my favorite laughs are the classic evil bwa-ha-ha-ha Or the huh-hu-hu-hu made famous by Beavis and Butthead.

  13. @ alectra

    I just thought eh eh eh was your way of laughing like Heh heh heh. Like you said, Martha says Hej and stuff like that, she knows in English that it's hey, but she still says Hej. I've met many girls that do that, it just comes out naturally. so i just figured that's what you were doing.

    It's amazing the differences in some cultures. Like a moving sound a effect in American comics is something like *rustle* sounding like its something rubbing against something. but in a Korean manga, it's *gasa gasa* And in a Japanese Manga, it can be *tak tak*

    yeah, all of my examples are from comics..

  14. @ Jennifer in the spanish comics or Translated comics whether from America or Japan the sounds effects called "onomatopeya" in Spanish and in english onomatopoeia (lol to the name on english) are the same or practically the same...
    For example:

    A shot from a gun in American comes as a "BANG!" in spanish is BAM! or PUM!...
    A door that was suddenly opened sounds as a BLAM! or PAT! in Spanish
    Or sounds effects for animals like these ones:
    Which comes directly from wikipedia

    Bird - pío (Spanish) - tweet (English) - cui cui (French) - Piep Piep (German)
    Pig - uicccc-uicccc (Spanish) - oink oink (English) - ブーブー buu buu (Japanese)
    Rooster - quiquiriqui (Spanish) - cock-a-doodle-doo (English) - コケコッコー kokekokkoo (Japanese) - Cocorico (French) - Kikeriki (German) - kúkuriguu (búlgarian)
    Cat - miau (Spanish) - meow (English) - ニャー nyaa (Japanese)- Miaou (French) - Miau (German) - iaa (Korean) - "miao" 喵 (chinese)
    Grill - cri-cri (Spanish)
    Sheep - bee (Spanish) - baa (English)- メェー mee (Japanese) - Bê (French) - Mäh (German)
    Duck - cuac (Spanish) - quack (English)- coin (French)
    Dog - guau (Spanish) - arf (inglés) - ワン wan (Japanese) - ouah ouah (French) - Wau Wau (German)- au au (portuguése) - mong mong (Korean)
    Cow - muu (Spanish) - Moo' (English) - Meuh (French) - Muh (German) モー moo (Japanese)

    I think these come from the variations on how we actually hear those animals and the actual translation to our own language
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Dee will find this amusing i think ^^