Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sorry 'bout that dude!

Dude, you stole my fantasy!

This is a cap I made for Angel (of Angel's Captions fame).  I was actually trying to work on the challenge I recieved so long ago about making a cap based on an 80s cartoon.  I have this image that involves the Barroness (GI Joe), Cheetara (Thundercats), and Teela (He-Man).  Its a fun image and gives me many story ideas... but I think the best one is kind of a follow up to the cap that Angel made for me (where I turned into Princess Lana).  Pete, Eric and Calvin get back into it, only this time they are all characters... but the details aren't working.

But luckily Angel has been putting up some recent kinks.  And she put up 'Talia Shepard' as her most recent kink.  Now I don't know Talia or her work... but if one of my friends has a thing for her, then I want to know a bit more about her (or at least see what all the fuss is about!).  So I did a Google image search of Talia, and.... well lets just say I can see why Angel is a fan.  I am too now!  I came across this image and thought of Angel talking about getting dressed up to go to various Cons (comiccon and the like) and even making some caps involving that.

The original story idea was Calvin talking to Eric as he transformed.  The first 4 paragraphs were originally written that way... Calvin talking to his friend Eric as he transformed into Angel.  But the ending didn't feel right... I didn't keep it, but the final paragraph was originally a simple 'But I got the leash for you!'.

It was o.k... but the story seemed a little flat.  Then I played around in my head with the idea of Eric talking to Calvin as he transformed... then the ending could be Calvin smiling and transforming Eric.  I liked the idea enough that I opened up a new Word document to start typing out the new story.  Now I knew I had some good wording in the first version, so I re-read it and started copying out certain parts... well when I had the entire first and second paragraphs copied over (changing the name of course) I realized that the whole thing worked.  So I stopped writing a 'new' story and just added the last paragraph that you have here.

I had already titled the image "Sorry 'bout that dude", and loved that it now could almost be a kicker unto itself... does the title refer to Eric being sorry he transformed Calvin?  Or is Calvin sorry he didn't let Eric know about what was going to happen?  Either works for me, so I left it as is.

Design wise there wasn't much to do.  Just make the image black and white, cut out the color areas.  I added a heart background to the cap, but by the time I was done making sure it didn't get in the way of the text, its practically gone.  But if you are interested, here are the original files I worked from:


  1. Very fun caption Caitlyn. I loved how it's all spoken from Eric's point of view at first, but I will admit I was having a bit of a hard time figuring that out at first. I wasn't sure who was in the pic, and who was talking. Not sure if that has to do with you salvaging the first few lines or not, but now that I know what's up, it works perfectly fine.

    And is that me dating a sexy cat girl Caitlyn? *Faints*

  2. Definitely a fun and sexy cap. I'm glad that I was able to inspire it, and that you found yourself a new model to draw from. This alone makes my 'kink of the day' section worthwhile.

    Oh, and don't worry about the challenge cap, that one was just one of my silly ideas.