Friday, June 17, 2011

[Question] A question about questions

And actually, some more questions.

Why am I receiving so many oddly random Questions?
O.k... ever since I got all of those 'quick hit questions' I was curious who wanted to know that much about me.  They weren't like any of the previous questions, and actually numbered more than all of my previous questions.  I was humbled, honored, and surprised by it  But I was also suspicous.  These questions just didn't fit.  Some almost did (when was your first time?? where did you come from? do you like your name?) but others (what's your favorite tv show? why did the chicken cross the road? What would you do for a klondike bar?) seemed completely random and not directed to me at all.  Then I noticed something today... well several things.  First was that within five hours of posting, I had 11 more questions.  Yes... 11!  Second I noticed that some of the questions had comments on them.  That seemed strange as I was using formspring to gather my questions.  Like a lot of social media thingies (facebook, twitter, myspace...) you can 'comment' on questions, but the only way to do that was to be a member.  So I looked at the people commenting, and I didn't recognize any of them.  Not a single one.

From what I could find out, it seems that somehow someone started 'following' me on formsrping.  I would like to think that they meant to follow me on blogger, but just missed.  Formspring has an option to 'ask this question of your followers'.  I think that somehow this person (people?) is sending me questions asked of them.  Its interesting, but not what I wanted to use the question form for.  I wanted a simple anonymous way for people to ask questions that I would answer here on the blog.  Now I would have a hard time deciphering between questions really asked of me, and questions randomly asked of someone else.

So, long story short, I did some searching, and found a new question thingie.  Its from Wufoo (man, you just gotta love internet names).  It creates a form that can be inserted into a blog.  Like formspring, it keeps the question, and sends me a notification that I have a new question.  But it is far more customizable than formspring was.  I added the Name, and made sure it was optional.  If I wanted, I could make it required.  And I could add all sorts of options, text boxes, drop down boxes... all kinds of stuff.  The only real downside I could see is that the 'free' version is limited to 100 entries per month.  Now I don't think I've received 100 questions (even including the recent random ones) since I put up the 'ask me a question' box, so this shouldn't be an issue.

I have all but canceled my formspring account.  It will no longer notify me of anything, and only people I approve can ask me anything.  I have no intention of following two question thingies, and for now my chips are all in for Wufoo.

If my fellow bloggers are interested you can go go and sign up.  You can add a form, customize it with whatever you want, and then click on 'code' and select 'Embed form code' to the left, copy the 'iframe Version' and then insert this as an 'HTML/JavaScript' gadget to your blog.

I tested it a bit, and it seems to work as good as formspring (and doesn't have 'followers' to muck things up).

I did get some questions that I figured I would answer as a last hurah from formspring including one from Alectra:

What if... Caitlyn would be a superheroine? well now onto the real question What would you do to forfeit the need to smoke?
Wow... something I've been struggling with for several months now.  I think the answer is:  nothing.  I look at smoking as an addiction.  I am stronger than this addiction, and I can break it.  Not right now, and not quickly, but eventually I will be free of my smoking addiction.  The one thing I need to forfeit is the little pleasure I get from each and every cigarette.  I do enjoy smoking.  It tastes good, it smells good.  I hate that I HAVE to give it up, but I know in the long run I will be better off for it (or at least employed).

I am confused about the mistress /dom relationship- i am curious about what type of relationship it is? What do i expect if I am a dom?
I have touched on Dom/sub relationships before. Sadly my answer hasn't really changed... I don't know as I have little experience with this type of relationship.  I've always thought of the Dom side of the relationship as much harder.   The Dom must put almost all of the effort into the relationship.  They take care of their sub, making sure the sub is stimulated, and even stretching their boundries.   They also protect the sub, as in not pushing them to far, respecting their hard limits, and knowing when to push their soft limits.  Now what should you expect?  Hmm... I would expect obedience.  Not strict 'I told you to do this, do it right now without any question whatsoever', but the sub should respect the Dom's choices and should try to perform anything asked of them.  You should expect love.  You are fulfilling a major roll in the sub's life, and for the relationship to work it should be a loving caring relationship.  Beyond that... I just don't know.


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  2. Well i hope my questions here and there for you didn't come as: Here it comes the annoying!, but i can totally understand you, i may have to move to wufoo too ^.^ i had many, many questions dealing with random sex and weird and explicits dire situations which came from a row of people already answering on that question that i had to stop...
    Still i think that if wufoo followers are the only one source that can post questions... well i will lose the opportunity to get asked for caps ^o^

    For the smoking well a pity that you see it that way, as far as i know from smokers (my entire family has been big times smokers) smoking doesn't add anything, it just takes away what it's your rightfully your life, if this doesn't kick your mind well... just for smoking you are shortening your life in -15 years how's that?
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Soooooo what happened with the real question eh, eh, he Caitlyn being a superheroine? go read some comics... no just joking around... i mean it seriously "giggle"

    P.S2: Thank you for finding such an amazing place wufoo really lets you manage themes and many things, being a computer geek myself i really enjoyed playing around with it ^.^
    And i too will reccommend this place, it's really useful to pack the entries like that, downside is that you have to delete them, with the time if not well you are occupying lots of space "giggle"

  3. Yup, I get questions that are forwarded to me. I usually just ignore them but looking at wufoo it looks like a cleaner form. I like that. I'll check it out.

  4. This bothers me a great deal as it almost sounds like you were being stalked. Im glad you changed forms to stop it.

  5. @Geofrey, It may be stalking, but it is much more likely to be a spam thing. Almost every aspect of interactive internet life is subject to spam these days. Sometimes I wonder how it is worth anyone's time/effort to spam in the way they are as I can't see any possible monetary benefit; yet the spam still exists.