Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cum Diet

Admit it.. you'd sign up for either side of this trial!

O.k... this cap came from two equally simple sources.   1) I wanted to make a dirty cap.  2) I wanted to play with a simple design.

The first part was easy, and using Google Images, I quickly came across this image:

Lets just say it caught my interest (blushing now).  I quickly got several ideas for a story, and decided to go with the simplest one.  Guy signs up to feed cum to girls, and gets turned into a girl instead.  I knew I could develop it into a longer story, but also make it work as a shorter 'in the moment' cap.

Now for design, my first idea was to just put the text over the image like I did in "The Hard Part".  But this image was a little more complex.  I could dim out the edges like I did before, but I wanted to keep his hand in her hair perfectly visible.  So I thought about adding the text into boxes.

Having a starting place that might work, I wrote out the story keeping it brief.  And before you ask, no I wasn't trying to make a great story.  I would have been just about as happy with a couple 'Lorem ipsum' paragraphs.  But hey, I had a basic idea that I can always revisit later.

Having the text in boxes was...well... it was o.k.  But to be honest it felt to plain:

So I started playing around.  My first idea was that the 'plain' feeling came from the image.  so I blurred out the images some, then de-saturated it quite a bit. IT wasn't enough, so I also tried coloring the text.  Not enough, so I colored the text boxes.  Still not enough.

My mind kept wanting to run back to my standard design.... crop and tilt the image, put the text along side it, and call it a day.  But that's exactly why I want to try new designs.  So that I don't have the 'one' standby design.  I would like to have four or five 'standard' designs, and feel free to experiment.

So I saved my work and came back at it later.  While I was watching television I saw a commercial that gave me an idea.  It had a plain background with the image centered.  And then text moved in from the upper left edge, and the lower right edge to scroll across.

That's where I got the idea for this layout.  Add a background, shrink the picture down to show some of it, and have the text boxes flow over the background and the picture.

And so far.. I like it.  Its simple, and could be something a little interesting for a short story like this.


  1. I will be honest, like you have been honest. The name of the cap is what brought me over at break neck speeds! When I saw the pic, I knew I had to check it out. besides the fact that you had made it of course. ^_^ heheh

    I really liked this caption for a few reasons. One, the stuff already mentioned. Cum, the picture, etc. But, it also reminded me of some of the early caps that I would read. Short and bitter sweet!

    I would love to see you expand on a story like this. Not necessarily this story, but the cum diet and signing up form something you don't want part. love it!

  2. mmmm im just daydreaming of the cream dream , lovely lil tale

  3. I love this, the stuff you are doing for yourself is fantastic, keep it up girl!

  4. Very clean design. The 2 text boxes flow well, as they divide perfectly right at the right 'beat' and covered the negative space in the picture swimmingly.

    I have this feeling that you were ACHING to rotate the image a bit. I felt that way when viewing the picture originally that a smidgen of clockwise rotation would have given the most space for text. Giving the whole caption a frame compensated for that.

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way .. but though i enjoyed it, the caption doesn't "feel" as much like a Caitlyn caption. Probably because you are still working through your thought processes, I just don't FEEL the Caitlyn vibe quite yet, at least on this one.

  5. @Jennifer
    You know I appreciate honesty, and I can fully understand your dash to read this. If I had seen anyone with that pic, and a title of 'Cum Diet' I would be running to see it as well! And thanks for your kind words. I would love to expand on this idea, and one of the reasons I'm doing these 'experimental' caps here at the blog, instead of the Haven, is so that I CAN re-use ideas like this.

    @Annonymouses (Annonymousy? Annonymi?)
    Thank you thank you thank you!

    You are correct... I had to fight myself (and I'm a pretty good fighter!), to keep the image straight. While thinking about the design in Photoshop, I did rotate the image several times, but I kept to my guns in wanting to avoid that 'Caitlyn Rotation'.

    I would never take constructive criticism the wrong way. And I agree this is at best a half caption for me. It's an experiment, so I wouldn't expect it to have a 'Caitlyn' feel. But that makes me think... do I want to have that 'Caitlyn' feel? I am after all trying to step away from my standard design, and that in itself is a big part of the 'Caitlyn' feeling.