Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Escape from D+X Institute

Going old school with a new school design.

Now I've had these photos in mind since I made "Cum Diet".  When I was searching for a good 'dirty' image to use then, I came across this:

I had a few ideas for this (like 'hey, I remember using one of these').  But when I looked for more images in the set, I found many of them that would make a good old fashioned dirty cap.  The only problem I had was that I could use this for a series... and I wasn't in the mood for writing out a series.  So I saved a link to the images, and made "Cum Diet" instead.

Thankfully today I was both in the mood to cap, and has the time that I could spend on it.  I had the images in my head for a week and a half, and I already had the bare bones of a story. And it I was right, this could be as raunchy as my favorite XXX cap: "Pool Party!".  Realisticaly that type of series is nothing more than a long description of sex, and the person humiliated by it.  This would be no different...  A man, transformed into a shemale, was trying to escape some slave processing center.  He had his friend meet him in the bathroom, but someone came in, and our hero(ine) has to act as the the slave he is supposed to be.  Either that or the escape plan is up.

But I also wanted to do this in a more up to date style.  And my recent style attempts are better fitted toward less text.  So I would have to write this out with less words.  Its there that I ran into a problem.  I can normally riff an entire panel, just to set up a series.  In this case I had to establish that this guy had been transformed against his will, but a company that makes sissy slaves, and that he wanted to escape.  It struck me that the scenario I set up could very easily be made into my favorite roll playing site... D+X Institute.

So I decided that I would just go that way.  It isn't nearly as known a universe as Spell'R'Us or the Great Shift, but I know many friends that would like to see a cap like this.  At least I think they will like it.

So I started writing, and tried to drop in as many DX things as I could.  Class titles, people, even places.

I don't have much else to add here... the design is obviously another variation on the one used in "Cum Diet" and "Anything to Help"


  1. Damn it! Cait you got it quite seriously down and up into that fantasy "giggle". I can tell you are really proud of playing in the D+X Institute!

    I'm not that fond of roleplays but you really are and so you demonstrated it in this caption. Another thing is that I don't see you much doing longer multi caps stories and I would love to see you exploring that side too. You got the writing skills put it to work! (especially if you uhmmm well... lets not put a wall to your imagination "giggle")

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Hi Caitlyn! I just registered at D+X Institute. Trying to figure out what happens next. Will a moderator contact me? It's a bit overwhelming, but I want to try it out.