Thursday, October 20, 2011

[Question] Do women love... guys to give men blow jobs..? and other questions

Women love me to blow their guys!

It seemed that I hadn't recieved a question in so long.  What really happeend is that I didn't check my 'question' account... sorry about that.  I do have a few questions build up that I would like to answer now:

how do i join the medalion of zulo game?
how do i join?

These two questions are from 'Levi'.  I assume that you are asking about the Medallion of Zulo game that I was playing when I made the caps found here.  Sadly those were short lived games, and you can't join them.  BUT that doesn't mean there isn't a whole lot of good role playing out there.  I happened upon those at Rachel's Haven, which while a haven for cap makers and lovers, also hosts quite a bit of role playing.  To join Rachel's Haven, all you have to do is sign up for a free account, then start your wandering around.  

I don't play there much any more because I spend a good portion of my time over at the D+X Institute.  This is a more focused role play, as it is the story of an 'institute' that forcibly feminizes men.  Sure, some are volunteers and surprise surprise many people that were forcibly feminized do end up 'enjoying' it... but it is still a great fun atmosphere   

do women love for feminine guys to give men blow jobs as women?

This little word play gem came in from 'Dee'.  I'm not sure if this is the Dee-lightful Dee of Dee-lusions of Grandeur, but even if its not, this is a fine question.  

I would say the majority of women out in the world don't have a direct strong opinion of feminine guys giving blow jobs to men as women.  Certainly not strong enough to say 'love'.  But... lets face it the audience here isn't a great representative of the general population.  Most of the women I've met in these circles would have a more complex answer than a simple yes or no.  They would love for the feminine guys to find happiness and fulfillment.  If these feminine guys received joy from giving men blow jobs as women, then they would whole heatedly support it, and dare I say even love it.

Now I danced a little around the feminine guys 'receiving joy' on purpose.  That's because there are several ways to receive joy.  For instance I (as Calvin) wouldn't enjoy dressing up as a woman and giving a man a blow job.  BUT... I would feel that exquisite humiliation if the circumstances were just right.  Say a female friend of mine finds out my little hobby here in TG land, tricks/cajoles me into women's clothes, dolls me up, and then gives me the option of blowing her big manly boyfriend, or letting said manly man in on my secret.  Mmm... I would love that, and I hope she would too!

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Yes... some anonymous person sent this in.  I imagine what happened is someone innocently clicked on the 'submit' button below my question gadget, and it sent me the text that already sits there.

Of course there is a joke to be made about hitting a 'submit' button on a site that specializes in forcibly feminized men giving blow jobs... but I'll let you make that joke yourself.  :)

Instead I will go ahead and treat this as a properly submitted question.  And I guess that means you would like to see a question from me.  Now there are plenty of questions that I would like to ask my audience... what would you like to see from me?  What would you NOT like to see from me?  Which cap of mine do you think is the best?  Which cap of mine is the worst?

But instead, I would like to ask you question that I'm still searching an answer for myself.

What brought you into this wonderfully complex and ever changing wold of TG/CD/ForcedFem/TF?  

I don't have a complete answer... as I said I'm still trying to figure out the exact trigger.  But a lot of it had to do with Porn.  I know... low brow answer.  But I'm trying to be honest.  I recall viewing some 'adult' images on a local BBS back when I was in high school.  Most of them were the standard pron images involving women having sex with men.  And I was very happy to view these.

But then I came across a set of images.  They started off innocently (innocently for porn...) enough.  A guy kissing a woamn.  But as he kissed his way down her body, he ended up at her cock.  Now I had heard of cross dressing at this point, but the idea of shemales was new.

Now with most of the porn, I would imagine myself as the guy.  I could relate to and fantisize about having sex with these beautiful women.  But when I looked at these images... was I the guy sucking cock?  I wasn't into homosexual porn, so that didn't sit right.  But I couldn't stop looking at them.  So... was I... the...woman?  The woman getting her cock sucked?

I kept those images saved on my hard drive (oh god... was it on a floppy drive back then!?) for a long time, but eventually purged them.

I don't know if that's when I started thinking more deeply about cross dressing or being transformed or feminized... but it obviously had an impact.  It wasn't to long after purging those images that I found fictionmania.  And form there the love/hate relationship I had with that side of me grew and grew.

So that's my question to you.  What brought you here?


  1. Pleasing a man this way ... is wonderful!

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  3. Nah, it wasn't me. Apparently there is another Dee floating around here in the TG captioning realm? My name in Formspring is Deementia I think.

    What brought me here? to this blog specifically?

    Well, you made a caption for me in the Haven, which was a wonderful way to introduce yourself to everyone. Then you made some more great captions. Then, you needed a blogger account to post comments to my blog. Once you did that, a Caitlyn's Mask blog appeared, and of course I had to follow it. I love talking shop when it comes to TG and specifically TG captions. I'd like to think that the both of us, and others like Simone and Jennifer, have hopefully influenced people to start making their own TG captions.

  4. So why I came here? Just like Dee said but for my first start in the "captioneer" world I found it highly arousing to create my own stories and like many other times I've said, It helped me out to improve my prose, writing skills, english you name it "giggle". It has been a wild and fun road and I think I'm not planning to leave it anytime soon!

    And I do like to talk about how we made the stuff we lent onto our readers and followers but I don't know of any other person that express that as well as you... Well maybe Dee "giggle"