Sunday, October 9, 2011

Numbers Game

And only 10 minutes to make this cap!

First, yes I know that the blogging gods are not smiling down at me.  Going a week and a half without an update isn't cool.  And now throwing three posts in a single day, is even less cool.

But I post when I make.  I have made a couple posts, then set them to automatically post at a later day (generally 24, or 48 hours later), so that they don't all bunch up.   But really, that's just a way to get page views, and visitors.  I have nothing against people that want more page views, or more visitors... but I'm not one of those people.

Anywho... while I was making the previous cap "I Love to... I Need to...", I was looking for a background image.  I thought I might add a little fortelling in it, and have a image of a woman sucking cock in the background.  But I couldn't find one that wouldn't distract from the text, AND still be obvious enough that it was tiffany later sucking a cock.

But I did come across this image:

When I saw it, I got the impression of a sissy, that had gotten so many facials, that she finally was enjoying the taste of cum.

I thought about fleshing the story out some, and making a full fledged cap, but as I had just finished a 'difficult' writing assignment, I didn't know if I had it in me.  And I was afraid that if I let it sit, I would lose that squirmy feeling.

So as a trial, I decided to write a cap in Samantha deSavory's style.  Samantha makes caps a lot of her caps with an economy of words that would make Dee jealous.  But they always hit the spot, and are wonderful caps.  So I figured why not try to do that here.  I don't have a story to tell, just a squirm factor.

So I zoomed in on the image and wrote out the "And only 143 Facials for me to love the taste of Master’s cum." line.  I thought about leaving it at that, but design wise I was bothered by the big empty space in the upper left corner.  So I just typed out some of the other things that this un-named sissy had to go through.  The only edit I made, was making the text fit the space better, and making the numbers grow.

I then cropped it below the last line.  To add a little more visual impact, I desaturated the image quite abit, but left the lips untouched.

Certainly not one of my more difficult caps, but when I look at it, I get the same feeling I get when I read Samantha's caps.  And I guess that is a big success!


  1. Damn Cait you just keep stealing the fun of every capper nowadays "giggle". I think you did a nice job with this one trying to "economize words" but then again you left sooooooooooooo much to the imagination as you always tend, to fill on the gaps, so I was a bit confused at the end.

    First the image is fantastic and I think it leaves less to the imagination but!!!!, the story is just like a moment of a bigger one.

    I personally like to crunch on the whole story...

    For the story you told...

    The how but not the why and where and who.

    I certainly don't care about the who but I think that in that little story you could have added some words to clarify that and even remove some.

    1 night to capture me while I was asleep or maybe 1 night to forbid my past.

    Then the lips and the surgery part can be left aside if you add the sissy part and then...

    The cum still fresh in my mouth or maybe the bitterness running down my lips

    25 days to make me change (you can add many references in that sentence from heels to mannerism and such)

    99 days to comply...

    1 day to accept my Caitlyn side or maybe 1 day to accept my true side

    and finally

    And only 143 facials to accept my master's pride

    So we are left with

    1 night to forbid my past
    the bitterness running down my lips
    25 days to make me change
    99 days to comply...
    1 day to accept my true side

    And only 143 facials to accept my master's pride

    Of course is just a suggestion since you asked for them in later posts ^-^

    Keep up experimenting Cait!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: I did liked the last mietje whatever "giggle" cap but I didn't have the time to respond to that one.

  2. I love this one so much just as it is, fantastic!

  3. I agree with anonyoums, I don't think anything should be changed. You did a fantastic job with what you set out to do and I didn't feel like you left anything out. You left a lot up to the imagination, but that's part of the appeal to this sort of caption.

    Some times what's not said speaks the loudest. In this case my eardrums are set to burst! Great work Sweetie! I love seeing you step out of your comfort zone like this, everyone wins!

  4. Hey don't throw me rocks! "giggle". I was just pointing out a suggestion. Of course Cait did a great job but, a little criticism shouldn't do anything wrong right? RIGHT?! "giggle"

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. First off, thank you Geofrey, Alectra, Anonymous, and Jennifer, for your kind comments.

    Thanks for the comment and critique. While I still prefer what I did, as opposed to what you suggested, I do like to hear what others think. Especially in areas that I am not well versed in. And I am certainly not well versed in this style of cap.

    I didn't think of this as JUST a way to write less words. To me, this was more of setting up a scene, and letting you (the reader) get a little squirm out of it. It let the reader fill in all the details that I generally love. Who is this Master? Is this taking place in his basement? In a lab? In a school? Is the Master doing the hypnosis? What surgeries were involved?

    I normally wouldn't mention any of these things, unless I could explain them. But in this style, it is more of just setting the scene, and letting the reader's imagination take over. I'm with you though... I prefer to write out the whole story. Sure, I'd probably lose about half the people that like this, as my details wouldn't match up favorably with the details they thought of. I did feel that I could add more... I just thought that if I went down that road, I could keep adding until I was over 1000 words. So... short is what I wanted, and short is what I got.

    Thanks... I love that line 'Sometimes what is not said speaks the loudest'. I normally don't write that way, and this is a nice step to try it out some.

    No rocks being thrown at all. I love your critique, and really appreciate your suggestions, and a little (or a lot!) criticism is always appreciated!

  6. @ Alectra

    Oh I wasn't throwing any rocks sweetie, I just didn't see any reason to expand on the story in the cap. It was meant to capture the imagination, and it did that for me. ^_^