Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Love to... I Need to...

Not a new design, but a new way to emphasize a story

So this morning when I got back from work I started out my normal Sunday morning.  Play a bit of an online web based game, check up on some forums and websites (all very 'Calvin' type sites), then finally head over here and check out whats going on with the blog.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't have any more comments to "Mietje Jongen", and that I didn't have any questions to answer, but it didn't really dampen my Caitlyn mood.

Next up was reading some of the blogs I list over to the right, then head over to Rachel's Haven.  While I'm not actively trading there, I do still stop by on most days just to keep in the loop.  I first always check to see if there are any replies to any posts I've made or commented on.  I like this feature, as it lets me keep up to date on what I've already posted or commented to. And since I'm not trading, I don't need to start by checking out my trading folder.

When I do finally head over to the Trading Gallery, I see that my name is in bold.  There is something that I haven't read in my trading folder.   Hmm.... I click through and see that I have a new cap from sissytif.

To be honest, I was a little conflicted.  I had written up a post there a few weeks back, stating that I was taking a hiatus from trading, and to please not cap me.  I honestly don't want to receive caps, because I then feel an obligation to cap them back.  Right now, I would rather explore some new nooks and crannies in the capping world, and not worry if they are good or not.  I am looking for the actions and the journey, not the destination or final result.  When I return a cap, I feel that it has to be good, so I HAVE to worry about the destination.

While I was feeling this.... bitterness?  Anger?  Disappointment?  I was also excited.  Somebody Capped Me!!!  I love receiving caps!  And I love sissytif's caps.  Thankfully as I read her cap for me, I stayed in a thankful appreciative state of mind, as it was a real button pusher. In fact, you should pause reading this, and head over to the Haven and check it out.  I'll wait.

No no... seriously.  Go read it!

o.k... you either aren't going to go read it, or you already have and are now back.

So I loved the cap, but had that nagging feeling that I had to repay it.  And repay it soon.  I also had an idea of a different way to tell a story, but I wasn't sure it was going to be good.  I don't know where I got the idea, but I pictured a story, but broken down into lines, where the first word of each sentence worked together to make a new sentence.  So I would write something like this:

"Its like taking a series of half sentences like this that tell one story, but also makes you read it a different way, as if something is going on in two different directions."

But write it like this:

Like taking a series of half sentences like
This that tell one story, but also
Makes you read it a different way, as if
Something is going on in two
Different directions"

So you get the original meaning, but also get "Its Like This Makes Somethign Different".

Probably not the best example, but I hope you get what I mean.

So for sissytif, I figured I would give this a try.  I would use a more standard design feel, but play with the story telling.  If I felt it worked... great.  I would post it to her folder and be done.

If it didn't work, I would post it here, then make her a more 'standard' cap.  Obviously to begin I needed an image.  Thankfully sissytif likes XXX as much as she likes PG-13 caps, so I started looking for something dirty.  The image that I got was:

When I saw this, the very basic idea came to me.  She needs to learn how to give a blow job, but doesn't quite get it yet.

It was enough to work with.  I figured "I need to suck cock" would be the sentence created from all the others.

But when I put that into word, I had a tough time making it work at all. Sadly it frustrated me enough, that I deleted the work.  I changed gears, and figured I would just make a run of the mill cap, with that basic premise.

I started writing, and got... oh... about 3/4 the way through the first paragraph, and my eyes caught on to "I" "Love", and "To".  Hell... all I needed to do whas shoe horn in 'Suck" and "Cock" and I had my basic idea there!

So I worked that in. I didn't worry about keeping the sentences short, as I would 'design' later.  I just made sure the paragraph had "I Love To Suck Cock" in it.  I was happy to get that far, but I knew I was far from making a good cap.  I needed at least another paragraph to tell the story properly.  So I started writing again, but tried to work "I Need To..." into it. I got the paragraph done, but split the last part off, as it was just a little two long.

I now had three paragraphs.  Two with the 'subliminal'messages in them.  I put it into Photoshop, and tried to get it to fit into the format I originally wanted... but I just had to much text.  Now to line it up,I had made those special words bold, so I could find them easily enough.  When I put it back int is paragraph form, I realized that at a quick glance I saw 'I love to suck cock'.

I swear I stared at the monitor for a good five minutes, wondering if that was enough.  If it would really come across.  I decided in the end to do more to emphasize the words.  So that's why the ended up as larger, colored, and italicized.  I'm still not sure if it would have been more enjoyable if it were a little less obvious, but I had just commented to Dee about reading caps that I didn't get, and that needed explination.  I didn't want this to fall there.

So I threw the image in (I didn't crop it, as there really wasn't room to take out anything, and leave it an easy to work with shape), messed with the color to emphasize the mouth,  tilted it, put a shadow behind it, put a gradation in the background, then added the following image in as 'background' (I cropped it so that just the upper right corner is used:

I think the cap works overall.  Yes, it might be to obvious, but even if the words aren't highlighted, I think the story is interesting.  As I was happy with it, I went ahead and posted it for sissytif.

Oh. and one last note:  this is the first cap that I used my new watermark/logo in!


  1. Damn! I never thought to try something like this, but i've always loved seeing this sort of thing. You did a great job with moving the story ahead and highlighting the subliminal msgs's. At least, i guess that's what you would call them.

    The logo didn't distract from the image at all, it really worked out well here and I don't think anyone will have a problem with it being there. Looks great!

  2. Umm... oops.

    It seems while editing that second paragraph to get 'I need to suck cock' closer together, I removed a line. I don't remember exactly how I put it (and I didn't save my original file, once I wrote this up here), but it was something like "She said all I needed to know would be in my thoughts".

    So yes, they were subliminal messages, and I intended that to be more obvious. I guess I need to slow down and re-read the caps a little closer in the future!