Friday, October 7, 2011

Mietje Jongen

Its a Dutch name if you are curious

So its been almost two weeks since I made a cap.  Its not that I wasn't in the mood to create, but I just couldn't get the juices flowing past my normal design set.  Thankfully after an afternoon spent roll playing at DX (and avoiding school work), I got into the mood.

Now I had no idea what I was going to experiment with.  I didn't want to just follow my standard tracks, or the tracks I had just recently laid... but I figured I can't make anything 'new' if I don't try.

So I started looking for images... trying to find some inspiration.  I used the search term "sexy woman pleasing her man' on Google Images, and all hail Google.  If Google were a man, I'd want to have his babies.

I found this image:

Her eyes really caught me off guard.  As I stared at it for a moment, I let my mind wander to see what ideas could come from it.  To me she isn't happy.  She is 'going along', but isn't happy about where she is going.  She looks like a student... hmm...  a student taking a cock sucking course?  Oh hey... a sissy taking a cock sucking course at a sissy university.  You can see that she isn't putting effort into her transformation, as her hair isn't styled well, her makeup is shiny, and her nails are short and un polished.  Hmm... 

So I had a good starting place.  But now how to wrap that up into a story.  This would obviously be a little longer, but I don't want to write out a scene for it.  Just more of an explanation.  Then it hit me... make it a letter back to 'her' sponsor!  The letter could explain that she isn't progressing well.  I liked it, and started writing it up.  I pictured letter head while I was writing, and then just naturally wrote 'As you can see in the attached photo...' 

Just that line inspired the design.  I pictured a desk with a letter laying out, a Polaroid photo laying next to it! When I finished writing the 'letter', I went into Photoshop and started designing.  As this cap wouldn't be dictated by the size of the photo (like my last few caps), I went to my standard 1000x1000 (hey.. not everything has to be 'new'!).  Next I needed a Polaroid photo to work with.  Thankfully I found a wonderfully flat, picture of a blank Polaroid, sitting on a white background.  It was easy enough to copy out the white background, and be left with that standard shiny whitish Polaroid border.  I then took this photo in, and shurnk it down so that the right and left edges just fit inside the blank area.  Then selecting the area of the photo, inverting the selection, I deleted the extra parts leaving me with this:

(I actually got this idea from one of my earliest caps... the prequel to "Exec to Sec")

So now that I had the Polaroid, I went on to work on the letter itself.  I Google Imaged up a blank piece of paper (ironically I chose the best looking one, and found it it was made in Photoshop from some other artist!).  I then pasted the text from word and roughly made it into a letter.  I didn't want to get to exacting on the letter head, so I just put up a place holder title for the school.  But it looked plain... so I Google Imaged a drawing of a woman (search term 'drawing woman blowjob').  I cropped it down a bit, colored it pink, and came up with this:

It was a little small, but as all the text as still in 'text' format, I could enlarge it and still keep it looking crisp.  

Now I threw the letter and the photo onto the blank canvas.  I Google Imaged a wood desktop background, and threw it in under them, then started playing around with placement.  I really wanted it to look like someone opened up this letter, let the photo fall out, and was reading it.  But no matter how I placed them, there was a lot of blank space left.  thankfully I left the window with the original photo open, so I backtracked it a bit, and found other images in the same scene.  I just copied some out, made them fit into the Polaroid shot, and kept adding until I felt the cap looked full enough.  

After that I tried to think of University names.  Now Smitty has Saint Sisyphus, and Trisha has The Jameson Manor, both of which are great names.  So I wanted something cool too.  But honestly... I may have tapped out my creativity.  And being so close to finished with the cap, I didn't want to let it sit just for a cool name. 

So while mulling it over, I added some extra details, like the writing at the bottom of the Polaroids, the signature in the letter, and even making it better fit Jennifer's theme by changing Ms Smith in the letter to Ms Swallows (Jennifer Swallows... get it!?). 

But even with that time, I didn't have a good name.  So I went to another old standby, and looked to a foreign language to help me out.  I searched out the translation of Sissy Boy in several languages.  Thankfully the Dutch translation looked kinda cool.  Once I had a dutch name, I also changed Dirk Richards to Dietrich Richards just to make it flow a little better.  I considered throwing in a hint... something like 'over here in the Netherlands...'  but honestly I was just excited to have it done. 

Now I did consider just using my name in this... but honestly I was just tired of seeing Calvin/Caitlyn in my caps, so I went to the person that closely matched my preferences and this model, and chose Jennifer.  I hope she likes it, and I hope all of you like it as well!

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  1. I don't just like it, I love it! I always enjoy the Polaroid look and have attempted it in my own captions a few times, but you really sell it with the letter and the wood desk. And I love the little notes on the bottom of each one!

    This caption really does match me and my prefs. (and yours of course.:) ) Her eye's, the model, the story, everything is just wonderful! I love your take on the sissy school scenario as well. I've enjoyed Trisha's and smitty's for a long while, and need to return to my own pink bottom's universe some time.

    But I really enjoyed how it seems like Mietje-jongen is honestly out to help them and normally accepts willing students. Which just add's to the squirm in this. Great job and thank you for sending me to such a wonderful school! See you in 2014!