Monday, August 3, 2015


I didn't see it coming

A CAP!!!

I initially saw this as just another Obscura image.  Not the blow job one, but the hand on her throat.  I had two lines in mind... "I didn't see it coming" and "I was blindsided".  I figured I could make a quick run at the story and have the punchline be that piece by piece our hero here didn't see this transformation coming.  It started out just about the same, but my initial thought was to add up all he had, and then take it all down.  For example, his financial security would go with the business declaring bankruptcy.  His home would be mortgaged.  His business partner would sue him, and his wife would leave him.

And then, just when he thought it couldn't be worse his wife and friend would take the last remaining things he had... his masculinity, and his freedom.  Like most Obscura's, it would be simple and easily written.... but I wasn't happy with it.  I kept teasing the story.  And I kept wanting to do something more with the whole 'blind' aspect of it.

When it hit me, it hit me like a ton of bricks.... Instead of having our hero/heroine blindsided, I'll blindside the reader!  I'll write the story with everyone expecting him to be seduced into this transformation, and then turn it on it's ear by having him being seduced into transforming his business partner.

I dropped in the 'dark secret' part and then got back to writing.  I'll admit, this is still fairly unpolished.  I probably could have gone through and hinted a little more without spilling the beans to early, but the desire to write was leaving fast.  So I finished it where it was and worked on the design and layout.

It's kind of a blah layout... nothing special beyond the rounded corners on the text boxes.  I like how the title works on the first panel, but the second panel doesn't lend itself to the same effect.  So I just lined it up and left the title two tones.  I'm nowhere near happy with it, but it aint bad.  I may... MAY... take another swing at this.  I'm writing this post on Saturday August 1st, but it won't be published until Monday the 3rd... if I feel the urge, I might pump it up a bit on Sunday or Monday morning.

Hope you enjoy it!

(Note;  I did NOT pump it up this morning, this is posted just as I finished on Saturday)

source:  fuskator