Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lost In Translation

'El Camino' translates to 'The Way'

OK, so Jimmy and I headn’ out to LA for that strongman competition and, ya know, being from Boston we wanted represent the east coast.  When Jimmy’s 67 El Camino… lemme tell ya that’s one sweet ride even if it can’t go for more than a couple hundred miles without falln’ apart!  Anyway, when it broke down in some Arizona backwater, we wandered over to the local carnival and ended up in some Mexican woman’s ‘magic’ tent.  For twenty bucks she cast this spell on us.  According to her we would take on the characteristics of certain locations that we slept in the next night.  She then gave us directions to one such special place.  A town called La Fuerte just north of LA.  She even giggled saying that it wasn’t a big secret as to what would happen as La Fuerte directly translated to ‘The Strong’.   

When I asked if there were any other special towns she simply chuckled and said ‘Muchos… muchos’.  I didn’t see any town called Muchos nearby, so we got the ‘Camino up and running and pointed her to La Fuerte.  After driving most of the night the damn thing crapped out in LA, so we grabbed a hotel and figured it would still be a good story to tell. 

Anyway, when we woke up the next morning… well we looked like this.  I had this ravishing red mane and Jenny had her gorgeous golden tresses.  We couldn’t stop staring at each other.  I mean come on… we’re total babes!  At first it was strange to… ya know… get it on.  But hey I’m still only attracted to chicks so it ain’t too homo right?  As to how exactly we changed into these bodies…. No.  Freaking.  Clue.  If I’m honest, we didn’t even worry about it as we both liked looking so damned angelic.  We grabbed some souvenir t-shirts, packed our crap back into the ‘Camino and headed back. 

source:  Simone's Tumbler (I gotta say, Simone puts up the best sexiest images!)

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