Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wag The Dog

I'm kind of a badass!

So lemme get this straight… by changing me into a woman this is supposed to teach me a lesson?  Yeah, I don’t think so babe.  First, I don’t think there’s a lesson that I need to learn.  You say I was cocky?  I’d simply say I was confident.  You say I was a braggart?  Just wait till you see what I brag about in THIS body!  You say I chased too much tail?  Well that ain’t gonna change just because I’m in heels now myself. 

You see… I’m kind of a bad ass.  Again, not cocky.  Confident.  You see, you think that just because I slept around a lot that I was somehow forcing women or mistreating them.  But go ask em… they loved every minute of my attentions.  If some chica didn’t warm to my advances, I moved on to the next girl.  I never forced, or coursed, or deceived any woman.  Ever.  Yer just jealous that I could always find a woman that wanted a fun night and no commitments. 

And it’s not like this body is going to slow me down one bit.  Hell… I now get to go back and hit on a whole new population!  Oh what?  You thought I’d be embarrassed about being attracted to men now?  Nah… I’ll have all the boys eating out of the palm of my hand.  This tail will be waggin the dog soon enough!

source:  fuskator

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