Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Test 143

Phase one's final test

Is voice recording on?  Good.  This is test 143.  At Dr. Groedinger’s suggestion we’ve increased the breast size, added a fuller head of hair, and added light makeup.  Now Lance the experiment remains the same, you must attempt to have our male test subject orgasm with knowledge that you have a fully function penis. 

If he does so we’ll have the combination of female attributes that overwhelm the masculine gender.  If you don’t we’ll move on to phase 2.  Dr. Trieful believes that a mere physical transformation will never be enough and that we’ll have to move on to subconscious mental programing.  Don’t worry, I’m told that the hypnotic programing doesn’t take long. 

OK everybody, we’re rolling film now.  Bring in the male test subject.  Max, welcome.  Let me introduce you to Laura… she has something special to show you.

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  1. knowing my luck i would have been in the control group.