Saturday, August 1, 2015

Obsucra by the numbers

I'm sure everybody remembers how fascinated I was with the number of pageviews I used to get.  While I see striving for higher and higher views as an exercise in vanity, I guess I have to admit that I HAVE that vanity.  I try not to make that a goal... pageviews will follow good content.


I DO like seeing the pageview go up and up and up.

My best month of pageviews, according to blogger, was  April of 2012.  That month I hit 166,597 pageviews.  May of 2012 was my second highest number as it hit 156,125 pageviews.  Number three was April of 2103 where I hit 134,606.

That is until July of 2015.  Last month I got 147,550 pageviews.  I said earlier that pageviews will follow good content... well I guess i have to think about that differently now.  Yes, I think these Obscura's are fun, but they're not the same quality of my previous work.  The stories are first drafts at best, and offer almost no polish.  And the design... well there just isn't any.  The one thing those months have in common are the number of posts.  April of 2012 had 36 posts.  May 2012 had 32.  April of 2013 had 23.  This past month had 27.

To put those numbers in context I should say that since opening up this blog, I've averaged 11.4 posts per month.  If you take out the 'dead' time between July 2013 and May 2015 that average is 17.4.

I guess what I"m getting at is... numbers generate numbers.  As these Obscura's are relatively easy to make and I can generally whip off two or three at a time, I see a lot of page views coming in.  I won't, however, go back to posting a 'Monthly Report'.  I don't have as much to say about these on an individual basis, and to be honest, the viewership difference between each individual Obscura is fairly small.

I was just surprised when I saw that July was tracking to be one of my more viewed months.  If this holds up, I'd wager that August will match or even beat July's numbers.

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