Sunday, April 28, 2019

Bidding War

How much will you bid?  How much will they bid on you?

I have to say that picking out the labels to match up with this cap is odd.  The story references using butt plugs and hints that there might be some anal sex... but it's not implicit or direct.  So Anal and Clean both apply.  And Forced seemed appropriate as they were bidding on a Mistress' favor and don't select the winning bids themselves... but they're making money at the end.  And I actually had to read this over again to realize I didn't even make a hint at a blow job!  I know!  Me, not talking about a BJ with two fellas feminizing each other for a Mistress, a live audience, and finally a Master!  But nope, that didn't come up (no pun intended), so that can't be in there.

Anyway, this was a fun cap to make.  The image series found on fuskator has a lot of great images that could inspire a lot of caps, but 'Nicholas' looking over his/her shoulder is what caught my eye first.  Immediately I thought she/he was looking down at a livestream chat so I started there  My first basic idea was that they were both applying to a Mistress when she found out that they live together, so she started using them on each other (feminizing your room mate fully knowing that he'll be doing something equally sinister to you later!?  Mmmm), and this was them demonstrating to her what they'd done.  While writing, however, that idea fizzled and turned into them bidding against each other to win her favor.  But then them demonstrating to her doesn't make sense, so I had to have a 'third act'. 

It's then that I remembered a recent conversation with a friend.  They shared that they'd used an online Mistress only to find out that she was a fraud and a con artist... so that made it's way in.  Now they could be doing this to each other for an online audience.  That idea felt off to me as they obviously wanted to be submissive if not outright slaves.... so that changed into them having Mistresses and Masters bidding on them doing various tasks while their paying audience got to pick out the winner.  I imagine the natural egos of Masters and Mistresses (this isn't a dig at those Doms... to take on that role I figure you'd simply have to have a very high value of yourself!) would keep them bidding and trying to get picked.

Anywho, I liked how the story ended up.  The text and text box is nothing special, just a quick fade of colors for the box.  The title was a quick find from my fonts (I swear to the Goddess that the title of that font is "Shit Happens"!) and as I was lining them up I noticed how they'd overlay each other.  Since I was going to use the two colors from the text box, I wanted it to be more obvious that they weren't simply overlaid with each other, so I added another layer of 'War' and then cut out parts of it.  Now the two words actually look like they're intertwined.  It's just a little detail, but that's where I get a lot of my joy... the little details.

While writing this up, I realized that this is my 5th weekend in a row posting.  There were some other days that I posted, but those were caps made on the weekend and then withheld for later posting.  Maybe that's going to be my new 'normal', back to weekly posting!  YAY!  And right now, I'm still in a creative mood, so I might still make another cap for posting later in the week.  I'm sure I'll follow my gut and find a nice sexy BJ pic to work with!

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