Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Stepdaughter's Blackmail

Stop worrying about her boyfriend and worry about your stepdaughter!

Fair warning, I stepped into a psedo universe I created earlier in 'Maid to be his woman' to make this obscura.  You don't need to read that full story, but a read of the first few paragraphs might answer any questions before you have them.  Or, just read on and go with the flow.  This is a quick and fun and dirty obscura and can be enjoyed without further reading.

I just know that my stepdaughter Mia’s boyfriend is pressing her and making her do things she doesn’t want to while I’m out.  She’s changed the way she dresses with her goth boots and choker necklaces and lowcut tops showing off her breasts.  But I can’t find evidence of it.  She’s at that age where she won’t talk to me about it, and her Mom is always off on some business trip.  The only one that sees anything is our android servant Chloe, but when I went to check I saw that Cloe’s memory store had been wiped. 

At the end of my rope, the only thing I can think of doing to find out what my innocent step daughter is doing is to log into Chloe’s main processor and monitor everything myself.  Sure, it’s recently been made illegal to spy with a droid like this but it’s not like Mia or her clunky boyfriend Reggie would ever know I’m there.  I wouldn’t get stuck as Chloe has no hard commands that he follows and with the wifi up I could escape back to my own body at will.

Logging in from the office seemed best as no one would enter my office even if this took all day.  I made sure to have a carb heavy breakfast and drink a lot of fluids as my body might not be moving for hours and then jacked my mind into Chloe.  Reggie wasn’t over yet so I let Chloe follow around with her chores list and just watched from her eyes.  Mia didn’t pay me any mind as I washed the dishes and vacuumed the floors. 

When Reggie finally came in he immediately ordered Chloe back to her charging station for an update, but I knew damned well that this was just so he could mess around with Mia and not be under Chloe’s watchful eyes.  Oddly there actually was an update that downloaded and installed, but I didn’t pay it any mind.  As soon as it was there I took over Chloe’s controls and went to make a cup of Mia’s favorite tea.  When I delivered it… that’s when all hell broke loose.

Reggie’s command of ‘Stop’ as soon as he saw me was surprising in two ways.  First is the fact that he thought he could control an android in my house at all.  Second, and more important, was the fact that he COULD control Chloe.  I felt the programing rear up and assert itself and I was forced to stand there with a dumb look on my face as I looked at Mia’s sly smile. 

While I tried to figure out how Reggie had command level access to Chloe I barely registered what he and Mia were talking about.  As I looked deeper and deeper I was finding all manner of hidden sub routines and command structures.  I didn’t have to open any of the commands to figure out what they were doing to my poor android when I saw the titles.  Talk Sexy 2.0.  Move Sexy 1.4.  Suck Cock 4.2.  Lick Pussy 8.9.  Missionary 0.5.1.  Doggy Style 0.2.  It’s only when I heard Mia call me over did I break from my reverie.  Chloe’s hold from the stop command ended and gave me the wheel back so I followed what she said and sat between her and Reggie… and then tried my best to hold still as Mia started nibbling on my ear and Reggie started pawing at my breasts. 

After just a moment I executed my escape back to my body, but nothing happened.  A quick scan showed me that the wifi was down, which meant I was stuck in this body until it was back up or I was on Chloe’s hardwired charging port.  In one ear I could hear Reggie talking about how he thought it a good time to test the new enhanced commands.  The more disturbing information was coming from Mia whispering directly into my other ear.  She was whispering quietly enough that Reggie couldn’t hear and only my android hearing let me know what she was saying. 

“I know you’re in there STEP dad!  You know it’s illegal to spy like this?  I wonder how much jail time you could get if I sent Chloe’s access file to the authorities?  Don’t worry I won’t do that, but things are going to change around here.  I’m going to hold these files against you and if you don’t increase my allowance and get me into the tech program at State U, I’ll just give them to Mom.  Oh, and I’d suggest you do what Reggie says as he’s pretty good at looking through Chloe’s programing.  If he doesn’t think you’re acting right, he’ll find you in there and… well jailtime might look good in comparison to what he’d do! 

These are the images I told you about in "Customer Service: Tech Support" write-up.  I think maybe it was the image of 'Chloe' sitting between the two kids with her big wide surprised eyes that made me think of this story.  I knew I could make this into a cap.  I also knew it would be a guy spying on his stepdaughter through a body suit or body swap or something, and that while he was suspecting the boyfriend the stepdaughter was actually doing something far worse.   

The only question I had before writing this was the stepdaughter's part.  Was she going to be setting up her step father, not knowing that he was in this body?  That was fun because the subject could hear the plans, but how could he exactly say he overheard them?  She could also watch on horrified as her stepdad was forced into this act but using it anyway to blackmail him.  And finally the idea I fleshed out here with her using the boyfriend's play with the android to directly blackmail good ol' stepdad.  

While writing it out, I tried to keep it as brief as possible.  After writing up a 'sequel' to Customer Service and using it's universe, I thought that I could piggy back on 'Maid to be his woman' as a basis of the tech.  But even with cutting out exactly how the step dad got into this body, I still had two paragraphs per photo (yes, I knew I would be using the four photos in advance!).  I could probably still make that into a cap series, but honestly I was a little tired from making Customer Service: Tech Support, and was ready to hang up the mouse and keyboard and move on to something else.  And while I know this isn't posted right next to that cap series, I got the photos, wrote the text, edited the text, formed the obscura post, and made this writeup all within an hour of posting it.  

So, I think it will work as an obscura.  Let me know if you disagree!   

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