Sunday, April 21, 2019


By taking things away, you make them better!

Just like the cap, I'll try to stay minimal with the write-up.  I don't know what creative bug has struck me, but I'm happy enough to take advantage of it.  I wrote this immediately after "She Wanted i gave".  I had already opened up fuskator before starting on that cap and figured I'd at least glance at some image to see if something sparked.  Well it did!

I adore simple Swedish materialistic design.  So when I saw this image set, I fell in love.  I had, just a few days ago, taken a swing down memory lane and visited some caps and remembered "Your Beloved" and how hard I worked at making that simple layout work.  Now I couldn't exactly match that simplicity here as the background was far more complex, but I did my best to keep it simple.  The text is actually just one big text box, where I'd normally have it be two different boxes to independently move.  It's a single font with the bottom in bold only because the 'thin' version was a little hard to read over the background.  The only editing I did once I had the text sized was to delete a few words so that the last sentence would be close to as long as the rest.  Add the title (same font) and center it up with the text, add my watermark, and that's it!

I don't consider this cap particularly good.  It's more of an exercise in getting an idea and just putting it out there.  I used to do that a lot and haven't had the creativity, time, or wherewithall to do it in the last few years.  So this is just that... an idea, an execution of that idea, and a cap as a result!

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