Tuesday, April 30, 2019


is this my fate?

I told you in the write up to Bidding War that I'd find a sexy BJ pic!  I just didn't imagine, at the time of writing that, that it would include a woman wearing a sexy lacy mask!  I mean, with this image set in hand, how could I NOT make a kinetic text cap about me!?

Like my best Kinetic Text caps, I didn't plan this one through.  I just let it go, knowing that I had three images (I only wanted to used the masked ones).  I started off with the idea that I found myself suddenly in the position in the first image.  And GO.

It took a turn I didn't think it would, going into my old psyche of being embarrassed about what I like.  Halfway through the 2nd panel I thought about turning it on it's ear and making 'me' like it and pushing 'him' further than he though... but that's not where this story was coming from.  It was coming from that old school 'OH GOD' area of my mind that is shocked and surprised and dismayed and forced and humiliated.  I even broke the fourth wall (something I don't think I've ever done except in Dee's "Grandeur" cap.  I'd be lying if I didn't peg part of my fetish on all of you... those thousands of page views are addicting and as a natural pleaser, I want to make things that all of you enjoy.  Isn't that a way of unconsciously pushing me?  Of making me go or even stay dirty?  If my soft, pleasant, non cock-sucking caps got a lot more views, I'd tend to make more of those.  At least I think so.

Anyway, I like this.  Originally I changed some of the text to white in the last panel just so I could read it.  In her hair, it was just too dark to see the black text.  But when I got done and had it all like that... I liked it.  It showed the frantic madness I imagined would actually occur if such a situation were to happen.  I 'enhanced' that feeling with those last three lines by putting them so close together that it's actually difficult to read.  I hope I at least set it up well enough that you'll get it without having to actually read it, or at the very least you'll be able to struggle through.  If I'm wrong and you can't read it, the last few lines of the cap are:

you think i'm a man
making caps
writing stories
pretending to be a girl

but my 'fantasy' came true
I'm a girl
I live the caps
I experience the stories
I'm trapped as a dirty girl!

Now, making this series got me thinking.  Let's say some version of this was true.  That someone had kidnapped me and was forcibly changing me against my will.  Making me perform depraved acts and breaking my will to fight against him.  Say that I was actually getting near the end of my 'struggle' stage and that's why I was writing more and making more caps.  Say I got that information out to all of you 'fans' and asked for help.  What would you do?

Would you laugh it off as some ploy to get more views?  Would you recognize that it's true but not do anything as I was now creating more?  Would you try to help?

Just a thought experiment.  It's not real.  My dirty mind is all mine yours!

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