Sunday, April 14, 2019

Customer Service: Tech Support

If you want help, bypass customer service and go for Tech Support!

If you didn't catch it, this is a sequel of sorts to a cap series I made back in August of 2018 "Customer Service".  Or maybe, since it's not a continuation of that actual story, it's another story in the 'Customer Service' universe, but calling this a 'universe' also feels a like a little bit much.  Anyway, I'll leave it for you to describe.

The thought came almost immediately when I saw the images over at fuskator.  I know I normally have the link to the images, but I didn't save it.  While typing this up I went back to find them and, well, fuskator is rather distracting.  I started searching 30 minutes ago and now I'm all hot and bothered and have another series that I want to write an obscura or a cap for.  Anywho...

When I saw the images I thought of the Customer Service style scenario.  A guy uses the Body Temp corporation to swap bodies and ends up in all kinds of feminzing fun.  I saw this setup as him using Body Temp to travel (as there was an obvious Mexican flair in the background).  He swaps into a body on the cheap, meaning he doesn't even get to select the gender.  To save more money he gets to share a house with another Body Temp guest, but is afraid of the guy taking advantage of him.  So he gets an addition to dominate the guy.  He has no intention of using it as a sexual thing, but it's how it was designed by Body Temp.  Obvious hillarity ensues when he finds he actually has the submissive routine installed and the calls to Customer Service start.  But this time I had two changes... he's trying to get to Tech Support as he knows it must be a technical problem, and instead of being enraged I wanted to go for a more 'please help me' tone.  I think I nailed the first change, but I'm not so sure on the tone.  You'll have to be the judge as obviously it will come across as different to different people.

Anywho, I added some story elements as I went like the camera addition, the live streaming, and the fact that this is exactly what the other guy wanted including having a man in a woman's body to take advantage of.  And then part way through the second or third panel I got the zinger... customer service would solve the problem by extending the vacation!

I'm happy with the layout, especially since I was simply going for an exact look of the original (color and title differences aside).  The only issue I really had was the two tone colors of the title.  It was a royal pain to get two colors that would work on these backgrounds.  In the end, I had to go with three colors as I couldn't get the 'Tech Support' to work in either the 'Customer' dark color or the 'Service' light color.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Oh, and in case you're following along; I'm still working on the story idea I talked about in "I'll Teach You..."  I've added a few details and changed a few to keep a better theme going, but I haven't even started it.  I think I'm being daunted by the size of the project.  If done right I could see this being ten times longer than anything I've written so far.... and if it's the way I imagine, it could be much longer than that.  Reading through some fictionmania stories recently I figured I liked multi chapter stories that were between 50k and 100k and had between 4 and 10 chapters.

To compare, I've written two 'long' stories that started out as caps and ended up being posted at Fictionmania.  "Happiness Found" is 15.7k and "My Role In Their Threesome" is a mere 7.2k.  So I'd be looking at 4 separate chapters at 3 times longer than Happiness Found.  That's a lot for me.  I'll keep pecking away at it and keep you up to date on any progress I make.

(I just checked my longest 'obscura' story "Maid to be his woman" and that full story would be 50k... maybe I CAN do this!)

And now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go back and see if I can make some sexy magic happen with that other set I found at fuskator!

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