Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your Fantasy is My Fantasy

Try living out MY fantasy!

To be honest, the real impetus for this cap was to see how I would do.  I've made a cap every other day for the past few days, and frankly I didn't have a strong urge to cap. But I wanted to see if I could get rolling and make another decent one.  And I figured as long as I was going to try this, I would make it as easy on me as possible.  I would cap Jennifer again.  You see while I've gone on and on about Petra and I having so close of preferences, Jennifer's and my preferences match up equally well.  The biggest difference really is my love for redheads.  I strongly prefer red hair,while Jennifer doesn't have a strong preference toward hair color.  I think visually that's why it would seem that Petra and I are more evenly matched, as we both have a strong love for the flame haired beauties.

Anyway... capping for Jennifer is easy because I can focus on what I like.  If I get a squirm from it, then I bet she will too.  While searching for images I found a few that whispered stories to me:

I saw this image and thought of some post apocalyptic world.  Some radiation changed Jeremy into Jennifer and she was riding out to find the cure.  I even liked the double headed eagle on the mirror as a sign of Jennifer's dual nature. But while I had a setting... I didn't really have a story.  I didn't have a beginning, or and ending.  So I kept looking while I let that stew in the back of my head.

This one had a little more juice to it.  I pictured Jennifer caught by some Master fighting her own urges, and trying to be as masculine as she could be. So she threw on one of her Masters shirts, but ends up turning herself on more when she does so.  And of course Master walks in and is happy as well.  But the way I was thinking, this would either be a VERY short curt cap without many words at all, or a long story with a lot of background information.  I couldn't make up my mind, so I kept looking, putting it in the queue with biker chick Jennifer.

This worked with just about the same story idea as the previous image.  Trying to be masculine by wearing men's clothing, and succeeding in only making herself hotter.  The big problem with this one is the smug look on her face.  Back of the line.

And then I came upon the image that I used:

As you can see, the original image had the blank space for the story built in.  My original idea was a hide and seek game.  But each time Jeremy is found, he gets transformed.  I started on this idea in several ways, but I couldn't get traction with any of them.  Here are the original ideas:

DamnitDamnitDamnit!! What the hell am I going to do?

It all sounded so fun.  Play a game of hide and seek near that big old mansion. Relive some child hood fun.  How were we supposed to know that Mistress Simone lived there?  And how did we know she had a bunch of her feminizing dom friends over?  

I could see Calvin from my hiding spot, and when that leather wearing beauty walked out and found him.... god he looked so scared.  

I've got to get out of this place.  How long have I been here?  Two months?  How long did I sign up for... two weeks?

It sounded like such easy money.  I mean they can't really hurt you in a scientific study right?  Even if they want to find the real meaning of masculine and feminine.  I figured they would just ask a bunch of questions about how I felt as a man. 

Talk about incentive to find a good hiding place.  

When Mistress Caitlyn found me she made my hair grow out into these curly red locks.  
When Mistress Dementia found me gave me these delicate hands.  
When Mistress Angel found me she gave me this innocent face.
When Mistress...

I know it doesn't' show in each, but they would have all involved the hide and seek idea.  But they just didn't work for me.  So I finally abandoned that idea, sat back looking at the image and tried to picture what was going on.  

  • Jeremy is looking around a corner, peeking at something.
  • Peeking at someone getting transformed.
  • He likes it and doesn't like it in equal measure. 
So I have what is happening in the photo.  Now I needed how they got there.  I borrowed a bit from what I had previously wrote, having them getting caught by Mistress Simone.  I figured I could leave it vague about WHY they were peeking in on Mistress Simone.  

Now I needed to know why Jennifer liked and didn't like what she was seeing.   After thinking of several possibilities I realized I was putting myself to much in her shoes, with what would make me like and not like what 'I' was seeing.  And then it hit me... I was doing that because it was a redhead in the picture.  It was almost as if Jennifer had been turned into my fantasy woman, instead of her own fantasy woman...  

And I'm sure you can see where that thought lead me. Once I had all those thoughts, writing became easy.  The hard part was balancing out what exactly Calvin's fantasy was, without beating you over the head with it. I think I still left it a little obvious, but I'm still happy with the result.  

So I moved on to design.  I went with the idea I had when I first saw the image... just put the story over the blank space in the image.  Add a title to the top, and voila!  

But after posting it to the Haven, I started thinking a bit more about it.  Just because the blank space is there, doesn't mean I HAVE to use it right?  So for shits and giggles I re did it in my more current style:

Now I would have also added some sort of background t the text, but as this is an exercise I didn't want to 'waste' a good background image.  I'm not any happier with this version over the original one I did, but you tell me.  Which one looks better to you?


  1. Uhmmm For me the clever use of the wall is a winner, as I think if you have already the idea and the image to "twist" around. Exploit it!

    Still don't abandon the use of the other pics as you said there are some juicy ideas to do in there.

    I think for example in the motorbike gal pic

    You could arrange the text with some deadly colors. Like it would be a strange rain telling the story about a cloud (MISFITS reference) who changes everyone and the world has turned into a post apocalyptical place or maybe is already like that and the pollution derived from it created that cloud. Therefore changing everyone...

    But it just my silly mind at work! ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I think I could cap my self out of the blue one day and for an easy out swap your name in there and no one would know the difference. *giggle* umm.. Not that I've ever done that.. >_>

    The red head never really clicked with me for you and your prefs. (I have had many crushes on red heads my self) I think it was only recently that I pictured you as a red head thanks to DX. in my past caps to you, none have featured a red head because the last time I read your prefs, it didn't name one specific color that i can remember.

    I feel I have have a good handle on your prefs, and maybe it's boasting a little.. But I've only ever read your prefs ONCE! That's because to me, it didn't feel like I had to read them again and again to make sure I nail what you would enjoy. I felt like it was already sort of built in to me and I just had to tap into what would make me squirm in a cap made for you. Plus, it helps that we roleplay and chat often about the same subjects that interest us.

    I just love how things get turned around in this cap, seeing you in my fantasy and vice versa was such a hot idea! While I'm left to prepare for my own little dip in your fantasy, your in the other room with barely enough time between orders to piece together whats happening to you!

    And as for the cap that I made you and you have been gifting me with all of these wonderful caps back for, it actually started because I wanted to make you a succubus caption that you would enjoy. I knew you liked my widows web cap and I felt like I could craft a story in that universe that you might get a kick out of. And from your response to it, seems like I gave you more then just a kick!

    We even requested a st sisyphus cap from Smitty at the same time!