Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Love of his Life

Hey, what are friends for right?

So I woke up feeling a little cappy this morning.  Luckily this coincided perfectly with the next person on my cap debt list.  Bren!  You see I felt my last cap for Bren, "The Final Submission" was fairly weak in the story side of the cap.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it... but it wasn't custom made for Bren.  It was a desperate effort that I show horned Bren's name into.  On my own scale I would put it at... oh... a 6 or 7.  Good... not great.  But amongst the previous caps I made for Bren its a 4 at best.  I can even tell it was a big hit here with all the nice comments on it (a grand total of 0).

Even on the Haven it received compliments for its design, but I felt the underlying 'niceness' of people in not mentioning the story.  So... with Bren in mind, and a cap mood to boot, I went off to get a picture.

One thing I remembered about Bren is that she is a fan of the breast.  She likes it when the newly feminine characters play with them, and she gushed at one point when I had 'her' give a tit fuck in one cap.  I hadn't found another image to use in that vein, but I still wanted to have that be more of a focal point for a cap.  So when looking for 'sexy woman titty fuck' I came across this image:

I'm normally not a fan of this more 'snapshot' style.  This is lit fairly well, but it doesn't look as beautifully photographed as I prefer.  But it had the breasts appropriately being used, and had the girl's expression somewhere between horny and horrified.   Then I noticed the guy leaning close to her face... almost as if kissing her.

Boom... that made the photo worth it.  That and the fact that all of the 'action' could be cropped down to a very tall image.  I sat back and gave myself 1 minute to think of the skeleton of a story.

Surprised to be giving a tig job
man kissing her doesn't know who she is, and is falling in love
She knows who she is and can't say anything about it
This is sudden, so magic fits best
a guy inadvertently changes himself into his roomies lover

That's roughly what I had after a minute of thought.  I liked the direction, but it needed to have a karmic twist for Bren.  Now I could slip something into the dialog that 'Brian' had wronged his roomie in some way and this was just pure karmic retribution.  Maybe Dave has a girlfriend that wants to pay Brian back.  But the more I thought along those lines, the less it became appealing   After all, while I don't want 'Brian' to immediately get what happened, I do want it to become obvious that this is karmic.  So I was thinking that something about what he was doing had to be part of the karmic balance.

Going with those thoughts meant that he would have to either seen his friend do this with another girl, or experience it himself. I went down the first thought path for a bit, and thought that maybe he saw his freiend getting a tit fuck from his girlfriend, then stole her from him.  But the magic didn't flow into the story... unless some random witch/genie/goddess/badger saw him do steal the girl away.

So I traveled a bit down the second thought path.  Now I don't know the exact inspiration of Brian wanting to do good by his friend and failing, but I liked it.  I mean good intentions aren't good unless they turn into good deeds right?  So I opened up word and just started typing.  I had the basics of the spell and wrote down that part first.  But the writing spicket was all the way open and I just kept writing.  And writing.  And writing.  When I finally stopped I had everything you see here, save for the last paragraph.

I figured I would have to do some heavy editing as I rarely get it right on the first go... but I really liked what I had.  The main thing I had to edit was typing Brian, when I meant to type Dave.  After fixing those errors, I went back and wanted to wrap it up, so I wrote the last paragraph.

I like it.  I think its just squrimy enough to hit my sweet spot, and I hope it does the same for Bren.


  1. Have you got any name for this gorgeous woman?

  2. @Annonymous

    Sorry, but I don't know the models name offhand. She does look familiar though. I see that the original photo came from brazzers though, and that may lead you in the right direction (