Monday, August 8, 2011

...Two, Three, Four

A punishment that is SO worth it!

After the long write up yesterday, I was SURE that I wouldn't want to make a cap for along long while!  But when I woke up this morning... GASP!  I was in the mood!  I try to not every take a mood for granted, so after a cup of coffee I went searching for images.

I had greatgooglymoogly (I'm just going to call greatgooglymoogly Googs, as that is what I mentally call her) in mind.  Now the last cap I made for Googs was "Loving Magical Couples Counseling".  In that cap I tried to follow her preferences pretty close.  A little romance, a longer series, and a change out of love.  Not exactly my forte, but I think it turned out pretty well.  Well since then Googs has added some preferences.  She now has a like for cross dressing caps, and for changes that are only temporary.  I also have some other things in mind.  While Googs does like a bit of teasing, I found out just how much by playing with her at DX.  We have a pretty steamy scene going on (speaking of which, I need to head over there and write the next part to our thread!), and the teasing went farther than what I thought Googs liked.

So the very rough idea I had was a punishment.  I know, I know... nothing in the preferences about punishments, but hear me out (read me out?).  A girlfriend would 'punish' Nick for something by dressing him up, but let him return to normal when she was satisfied.  Each time he would get punished, the punishment would go further and further until magic was used to transform him, but each time he had satisfied her, he would transform back into himself.  At the end of the story I would let it out that Nick was misbehaving more and more just to get the punishment!

The nice thing about having this loose of a story is that I could wrap it around just about any image.  If I found a good cross dressing pic, I could use it as the beginning of the story (and by cross dressing pick I mean a woman that MIGHT be a man, not an actual man cross dressing).  If I found a pic of some good lesbian sex, I could have it be at the end.

My search found me an image that I thought would work.  It could fit in near the beginning:

Now obviously this doesn't fit in the 'cross dressing' realm, but it could be the first full transformation.  I could start the story there, have a 'flashback' of how it started, and then continue it.  Or just have the story progress to the full transformation, and end with this pic.   As the story started to get some more meat, I clicked through to the website it came from (some random site where everything you click is an ad for some other site, so I won't list it here) to see if there were perhaps more in this series.  There wasn't, but there were a lot of images, so I looked through and then found this:

Upon seeing that a whole new story came up.  This one would be far easier to write up as it was more humor based.  I double checked, but this was the only image that I could find like it.  Now for me personally I like the first image (the woman in stockings) a LOT more.  Photographically speaking it is far more interesting and professionally shot.  This workout image looks like someone snuck into a pron shoot with a disposable camera.  In fact if it wasn't for how everything lines up and the light highlighting the dark skinned woman in the foreground,  would assume just that.

But as I had them both open in Photoshop, my mind kept wandering to the workout story.  Instead of a girlfriend doing this to Nick, it was the gym itself for braking its rules.  After a few moments, I closed the first image and opened up word.   The workout story won.

While writing the second paragraph I could hear in the back of my head a bunch of women calling out while stepping up and down 'Up, Two, Three Four, Down, Two, Three, Four' so as a lark I wrote it in.  I didn't think much of it, but as I got to the part of the story of each punishment being worse and worse, I figured I could use a little more teasing/humiliation and the calls came to mind.  So I wrote the last line 'Cum goes in...'

But as I finished off the story, that one call just stood out.  And not in a good way.  It looked like it didn't belong.  I would normally have no problem deleting it, but it really was about the only 'funny' thing I had left in.    Now being a fan of repetition I figured I could make it fit, if I had more calls in.  So I spaced out the story paragraph by paragraph and wrote up a call for each one.  And to me at least, that made it work.  I dare say that it made the story better!  And of course since I had been thinking of a bunch of humiliating workout calls for several minutes, it naturally became the title.

Design wise, you can really read up on my last post how I did all of this.  There is nothing new here.  The background image I used was this:

The only thing different I did to the image was erase one of the lines (on the right hand side about a fifth of the way in) as it was very distracting, even almost transparent.

Oh.. and I have to admit that I don't really like the 'brown' color.  I played with a gray scale background, with a pink background, and with an orange background, but none of them looked 'right'.  The photo stood out like a sore thumb with its own ugly brown background.  So while I don't like brown, it was the only choice available to make it 'fit'.


  1. Outstanding stuff Caitlyn! Awesome writing flow makes for a perfectly developed story.

  2. I can't help but think of our roleplay together when I read this caption. Sounds like something we would have to repeat in the aerobics class we took. :D

    And of course I love long drawn out TF's, so this gym is perfect for me! Fun cap. ^_^