Saturday, August 6, 2011

[Question] When you are masked....

So how many words rhyme with 'mask'?

When you are masked do you like to bask in the sun while sitting upon a damask covered cask and sipping from a flask whilst thinking about upcoming tasks? Just thought I'd ask. 

Sorry, I just felt like sending some silliness your way. Hope you don't mind :)

Petra, I don't mind in the least!  As I always try to do, I'll answer your question.  Umm... no.  I do not ever sit upon a demask covered cask, nor do I enjoy basking in the sun.  Even if I did, I doubt that I would sip from a flask, although I may think about upcoming tasks.  And beyond all of that when I am 'masked' I am generally sitting in front of my computer (and my chair isn't damask covered!).

I actually had to look up damask.  For those embarased folk like myself that don't know what it means:

Noun: A figured woven fabric with a pattern visible on both sides, typically used for table linen and upholstery

But I do love the silliness.

I really don't have anything 'Caitlynesque' that I would like to talk about.  I have been feeling less and less like Caitlyn lately.  I actually went several days without even reading my normal set of blogs.  I still roleplay at DX, but that is becoming more about losing myself in a role, than being Caitlyn, and wanting to explore myself or my fantasies.

I have given some thought about what this 'block' is.  I compare it to my block last year, and I THINK I have it.  I'm on summer break.  As a college student, my days during the school year are filled up with so many random thoughts that I don't have the time to focus on my 'Caitlyn' fantasies.  When I do, it is like visiting a very good friend after a long absence.  Its joy, and happiness, and the strong urge to 'DO SOMETHING!'.  But during the summer... I have all freaking day to think about it.  I am almost always actively going through my head trying to find something to occupy my time.  So my Caitlyn thoughts are spread out in little bits all throughout the day, every day.  They never build up into that strong urge to create, or even really 'enjoy'.

I will be able to put that to the test when school starts back up at the end of this month.  I figure after a couple weeks of school, the 'urge' should return and I'll get back to making some good caps (and some bad ones too).  As always, I could be completely wrong, and we may be watching the slow fading death of Caitlyn.  Last night I was so frustrated with my lack of capping that I took out the pretty pink panties I talked about to see if I could get a boost from them.  Nope.

As a last note, I love your blog Petra!


  1. I almost needed a casket after blowing a gasket while reading "A Triscuit, a Trasket" but you know, it puts the lotion in the basket, or else it gets the hose again!

    Well, maybe perhaps Caitlyn and Calvin have sort of integrated themselves into one being, and you just slide more into one or the other, without even noticing it?

  2. *blush* I almost forgot that I posted that question. I'm glad you found it silly and chose to reply. If it made you smile then it did it's job.

    Your theory about summer vacation may be accurate. I've had a lot of Petra time lately and that has made capping much less appealing then when I had to pack my time into small spaces. I think it is about finding balance just like with everything else.

    I'm sure you'll find inspiration soon.