Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[Question] Can you do a cap about... and DX news.

A question, a mood, and a news report!

First, let me tackle the question.  This came in from LiEF a couple weeks ago.  Sorry that I didn't respond earlier LiEF.

can you do a cap about a guy who is going tg by himself. the problem is that he dearly loves his girlfriend with all of his heart, and she is strictly heterosexual. so he uses hypnosis to change her mind and they live lustfully ever after.

Well... yes.  Yes I CAN make a cap like that.  In fact that sounds like a great story.  But that being said, I won't be making this cap any time soon.  It pains me to say it, but between the collaborative caps I'm working on now, the cap debt I have at the Haven (about 10 caps I owe there), and the fact that I've been feeling less than cappy I just don't know when I will be up for making a request.

That being said, I won't just say no.  I may well come back to this post, re-read the request and get inspired to cap it out.  That might come during my crawl out of debt, it might come after that... it might come tomorrow.   I just can't say.

That leads me to the second reason for this post.  My mood.

As most of you know by now, I've been feeling very un-Caitlyn like lately.  My caps fell off both in quality and quantity, and even having other people write the stories for me didn't seem to help.  But this wasn't just a capping issue... it was a lack of Caitlyn.  I've explained before how I compartmentalized my TG and cross dressing fantasies and life into 'Caitlyn'.   Well Caitlyn just up and left.  I still wanted to enjoy capping and caps in general, but I honestly had little to no interest.  I wasn't 'put off' by them... but I got no enjoyment out of them.  Even caps that could have been written FOR me.  Instead of having that sexy little voice in my head saying 'Oh my god that is so damned hot!  I feel my cheeks burning from both equal parts humiliation and lust after reading that!', I just had the lower gruffer voice saying 'yeah yeah yeah... guy turned into a girl and gives a BJ.  Whoopdeedoo.'

It affected my capping, but it also affected my role playing over at DX.  I could barely stomach writing the parts I was playing.  About the only real enjoyment I got out of it was playing an alt character who is a man at DX.

But I'm not writing this to cry about it.  In fact.... I'm Caitlyn!  I'm certainly not 'over' this hump, but I feel more like my old self than I have in months.  I just spent the morning reading a bunch of caps and almost every one made me smile.  Some made me pant a little bit too.  Writing this now has put a big smile on my face and I'm looking forward to making another collab cap and maybe even another 'Caitlyn' cap.  I'm even longing to get back to DX, both to update my current threads, and to work out a big story arc for my character there.

Which leads me to my final reason for posting.  DX is down.  It looks like there has been a massive failure in the Server where DX sat.  Two of the hard drives in the raid died at the same time making a quick recovery impossible.  Thankfully the server guys think they can get it back this evening (or at least that's what I got out of their message).  And if you DXers out there are curious how I got this information, you'll have to contact me (probably on YIM).  There is a yahoo group with information about DXs down time, but I'm not going to put the group out there publicly until I can get permission to do so.  

UPDATE 9/12/2012:
DX has a new 'Vacation' home.  Until the www.d-and-x.net site is resurrected, there is a temporary www.d-and-x.COM.  They are still working on getting .net up and running, and will hopefully have everything done at COM transferred over to NET upon it's glorious return.   In the meantime, come on over to www.d-and-x.COM to visit with everybody!

So... to wrap up:  No, I won't make that cap now, but I'll keep it in mind for later.  Caitlyn is slowly coming back.  And DX should be back soon.


  1. The cap request is an interesting one. I am not very computer/net savvy. The fact that I find my way here and actually interact to some degree is a major achievement in my Luddite like life....and so my question is...what is DX? Lol, I know that was way over the top in build up for a simple question.

    1. DX is the short hand for the D+X Institute. It's a forced feminization role playing website where men are brought in and turned into women. I've been playing there for about 19 months now and outside of making caps it is the biggest fun that Caitlyn has. I have a link to it on the left hand side of the page (under 'Links I Enjoy')