Friday, September 21, 2012


Some friendly advice

So I've had this image banging around in my head for a few days now.  When I originally found it, I thought it was pretty damned sexy and would make a fun cap.  But at the time I just wasn't in that big of a capping mood.  It was buried in a gallery of unrelated images and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to find it again so I went ahead and saved it.

But over the past few days, I never got a really good idea out of it.  I mean the action speaks for itself... a guy dressed up like a woman (or a guy recently transformed into a woman) is joining his girlfriend and another woman in pleasing a man.  I focused the attention on the girl kissing the balls because hers is the only eyes you can see.

But the problem with the image speaking for itself is that the only story I can really tell is the build up to that moment.  And with nothing else in the photo to work off of (no clothes, no background, no trinkets...) anything I wrote felt like it didn't fit, or that it didn't belong with this image.

This morning I took another pass at it but it came out the same.  Instead of deleting it, I tried to make one more try.  But this time I would give almost no details... jsut set up the facts as to how the guy got there.  I wrote out the first line more or less as is, figuring I would base the story on the girlfriend's wicked attempt at proving to her boyfriend that there are bigger cocks out there.  But when I sat back and tried to think of how she got him from point A to point B (Get it?  Point B?  Point Balls?  ah nevermind...) I started thinking of their conversation instead of action points.

I then realized that I could carry the action in the same way I did the first sentence.  Explain something she said, and give the advice of what NOT to say or do.  The rest of the 'story' came pretty easily after that.  Sliding it into the photo was easy enough, although I'm not happy with all the empty space it gives.  I knew that it wasn't all that good, just a fun little 'story' with an uber sexy photo, so I didn't over think it.  I left it the text as it was, and saved it.

Is it good?  It might JUST barely meet the definition of good.

Is it great?  No.  Absolutely not.

Is it good enough?  Well that's up to you.  I think it's good enough to post and not throw away, but only you can say if it's good enough to warrant your time.


  1. While this doesn't tend to hit my hot spots like the one from Wednesday does, I still think its well done, and I feel it was worth my time reading it.

    1. Thanks Ambyr! Really that's about the best thing I can ask for in this type of cap... that it wasn't time wasted on the readers part!

  2. Now lets see if she can get him from point B to point C and then back to point A ;)

    I think it's quite good! Even without a detailed narrative I could see each scene play out in my head. I remember a medallion of zulu cap you made over the summer that similarly had very little stated plot but still was really good.

    1. Kyra, I don't recall the MoZ cap from this summer, but I was kind of all over the place this past season so I'll trust you on that. I really appreciate that you enjoyed it!


      Here's the cap I was referring to. I know you were pretty busy with your exam back then. Oh, reminds me, how is the job search going?

    3. Oh yea... that one! It just slipped my mind. But I see where you are coming from. I guess I feel better about that cap (although not great as I obviously forgot it!), as it had a little more fun in the design side. This cap is short and sweet, but doesn't have much going for it in the design department.

  3. Dear Caitlyn,

    Okay. I don't write caps. And so I in no way think of myself as an expert. You are the expert between the two of us. And I did recently state that I enjoy your dialogue about each of your caps. I think it was in the context of sucking your clitty cock. But I digress. Notwithstanding my deference to your superior capping knowledge, I humbly disagree with your assessment of this cap. It is more than good. It is fucking awesomely hot! The progression of challenges recited between this "guy" and his girlfriend tells the story of his transformation better than a narrative ever could. As a sissy, it gets me in my special place and thus, I love it.

    Respectfully submitted, including hugs and kisses,


    1. Leanne, When I judge my caps I use three points of view:

      Mine... and no other opinion can change my mind on how I feel about a cap.

      Other cap creators... I like to see how it went over from people that share in more than the end result... who can look at the work done.

      Non cap creators... I love these opinions as they come from a more basic visceral point of view. I can skew my opinion by how difficult it was to make, and how closely it resembles what I wanted for it. Other cap creators' opinions can be swayed by a more flamboyant design or a new method of story telling.

      But non cap creators really just focus on the caps impact. It either works or didn't. So hearing that you think it's not only good, but 'fucking awesomely hot'... well that brings a huge smile to my face.

      And this praise means even more to me as it comes from you... I read your stories and get a lot of inspiration from them!

      Thank you so much for saying this!

  4. Short and sweet and hot and nasty.
    Loved it.

    1. Thanks Realfield! When I can hear you say a cap is 'hot and nasty' I know I hit my mark!

  5. You forgot to add, DO read this really hot caption! It's short, but it's one of those that say's all that needs to be said for it's story. It let the reader's mind wander just enough to kick up the tiny sparks of information, into huge fire's to fuel our fantasy's.

    Very good quickie, that will stay with me for far longer then the story was. ^_^