Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Question] If you haven't seen...

A question and a 'Geofrey' update!
To be honest, this isn't really a 'Question' post, but the comment did come in from the 'Ask Caitlyn a Question' widget, so I figured it would fit here nicely.  I also wanted to update everyone on Geofrey's situation and it fit perfectly into this.  So first, here's the 'Question' that came in from ssa:

Not really a question, just a comment. If you haven't seen Sasha's latest "Trained" 5 page caption, you really should head over to tgcomix. It is fairly sophisticated visually and I'm sure you'd appreciate it.

Thanks for the heads up ssa!  I had seen Sasha's cap "Trained" but it was while I was browsing on my tablet, and it's just a pain to comment on it.  When I saw your question, I added a comment and it should be up assuming Sasha approves the comment.   If any of my readers out there hasn't seen Sasha's cap, then you need to head over and check it out.  Both the design and the story mesh to form a damn near perfect cap!

No... onto Geofrey's status.  Geofrey has put up his new blog 'A Look Inside This Dark Mind'.  He's still adding all the gadgets and finishing up the design, but it IS up and ready to be viewed.  Now if you didn't know Geofrey's work before, it isn't the standard TG Cap blog.  Geofrey has had some wonderful super hero caps, some great TG caps (including a wonderful one made for me!), some superb stories, and other fun random posts.  I both followed his old blog as well as listed it in my blog roll because his work is always interesting.

So you all have a little homework.  Read up Sasha's 'Trained' cap and check out Geofrey's 'A Look Inside This Dark Mind' blog.   I'll wait for you to get back.

See?  Worth the trips weren't they?  And leading you there leads me to this point.  I'm always in the mood to be pointed to something good.  If there is a blog out there that you are a fan of, and it's not listed in my blog roll, feel free to drop me a link in the 'Ask Caitlyn a Question' widget.  I don't often go looking for 'new' blogs or material as I spent a lot of time reading what I already know I like.

I more or less use three methods of keeping up with what I like.  First up is my blog roll.  I know a lot of people use their blog rolls as a link exchange.  Putting up links to most blogs they come across.  This is great for people like me, but when I want to see 'other' blogs I go to www.worldoftg.com.  Their list is incredibly expansive and I don't think I want to even try and compete with them.  So my blog roll is dedicated to blogs that I personally don't want to miss.  When I log into here in the morning and catch up on any comments, my first stop is checking out the blogs that have moved back up to the top of the list (it's ordered by last update).

My second method is 'following' blogs.  These are blogs that I've found an interest in, but don't necessarily check out every single update.  I see them only in my blogger dashboard, and only visit them when I'm in the mood (maybe once every two weeks or so).

The third way I keep track is simply memory.  I recall certain names (like Paci, or Raping Veronica) and whenever I see them listed on another blog or see them at World of TG, I pop in for a quick view.  It may visit every few weeks... I may visit every few months.

But through all of these methods, I don't often find a 'new' blog that I should be following.  So if you have one that you think will pique my interest, let me know about it.

And I guess I should say something to all the cap artists out there.  Just because I don't link to your blog in my blog roll doesn't mean I don't like your caps.  It's becoming more and more rare for me to find a cap that doesn't interest me in some way.  I can't exactly list what catches my interest strongly enough to add it to the list.  It's not just about sexy hot caps.  It's not just about great conversations and write ups.  It's not just about fancy designs and layouts.  It's not just about falling into my personal cap preferences.  It's a combination of those things.  So getting listed there isn't a prize, nor is NOT getting listed there a shun.  It's just a tool I use to keep track of certain blogs.

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