Monday, May 6, 2013

Fantasy Camp

Be careful who's fantasy you get!

So I've had this image set in mind for a little over a week now.  Their from Passion-HD so naturally the photography is quite exquisite.  When I checked my cap debt list and saw that Smitty was up next, I figured it would be a good series to use for him.    I focused immediately in on the image from the second panel.  I liked how the other girl was there but not part of the focus.  This got my mind working on a story.

A lot of smitty's caps (including his entire 'Smittyverse') there is the role of 'sissy maker'.  A guy who traps other men and makes them over into sissies.  And while I've played around with the idea, I'm not sure that I've ever placed smitty into that role in one of my captions.  So this seemed like a good direction to go in as the other girl could be of Smitty's Sissies.  I just needed a way to make smitty over into a woman himself.  I didn't want the sissy to do it, as I didn't want smitty to get the idea that he could later turn the tables on the sissy.

That got me thinking about Smitty giving his 'sissy' a reward.  He would take her somewhere that would make her into a real woman.  Then through his own arrogance or just some mistake, he would be made into a woman along side his sissy.  Since this sissy was getting to be a big part of the story, I figured I would go ahead and make her a co-star... and who makes a better sissy than Jennifer!?  Yeah... I've got Jennifer on my mind lately.

So with that basic idea, I got to writing.  The story took a bit to start, but once it got going I had a lot of fun writing it.  Of course it went longer than I intended, but I had a whole series of images to use to flesh it out.  But when I went to split the story, I realized that I didn't have them having sex until the second part (at this point the second paragraph was the beginning of the story).  Looking at the URL of the image set gave me the models names, so I did a Google image search for Holly Michaels and Madison Chandler hoping to find an image of them together without the men or them making out.  I didn't find any, but I did find another image that's obviously from this same set... and with just a little cropping it fit the same format of having the girls on the right with the brunette out of focus.  I liked the image enough that I wrote in a new first paragraph so that it would fit.

When I finished with the story and moved into laying out the caps though, I realized that while the images are from the same set, they have a vastly different lighting effect.  The first image is pale and rather washed out, while the second image is saturated and darker.  The text and even the title would work in the same positions, but the color selection would be a pain.  Finally after playing around with it enough I just accepted that each panel would have it's own colors.... the first lighter panel would get dark text on a light text box, a dark title and a dark watermark, while the second darker panel would get these color selections reversed.  Once I had them finished I realized that it worked in a second way... the first panel is light an airy, giving it an almost happy vibe, while the second panel being dark gives it more of the 'Oh No!' feeling.  So while I'm thrilled at the effect... it was completely accidental.

I hope Smitty enjoys this (as well as Jennifer), and that you all get a kick out of it as well.


  1. I'm glad that i've been on your naughty mind recently! Because while this is great for Smitty, it's really hot for me too! Sure, I got back at him in a way, but I sold my self out for other people's pleasure.

    I just love how compliant we both became, and the fact that even though it was just a week for us, we were honestly up for sale for the highest bidder. So risky! So nerve rackingly hot!

    Can't thank you enough for making me the sissy! *hugs*

  2. So, delicious. I like the set I like the narrative, just everyyhing about it is so good.