Friday, May 24, 2013

Submitting to love and submission

To submit to her, you have to first accept your own submission!

I mentioned in the write up for "Foretelling dreams" that I had been meaning to make a cap for Jillisa.  Well today was the day.  I didn't pick out a previously saved image and instead checked out her preferences first. The things physical things that stood out to me included NOT using super-platinum-blonde hair, NOT using a model with a lot of makeup, and since Jillisa likes formal gowns and athletic women, I figured I'd stay away from overly voluptuous or 'porn like' models as well.  Since I have recently re-discovered Artful Porn, I figured they would be a nice source of images.  It didn't take long to find this wonderfully sexy image set from passion-hd.

When I saw these images, especially the one used in the second panel, I saw a a very sexy submissive look in her eyes, and it just so happens that Jillisa writes that she has a VERY submissive streak.  In addition she also has an oral fixation (YAY!).

So all I needed now was a story.  My first thought was actually making Jeff very smart, but using that intelligence to trip him up and give him this body some how (lab accident?).  But as I tried that out, I couldn't get any traction.   I realized after I had saved the images back, that one problem I had was that I always look at Jillisa as sweet and loving.  I'm not sure if I got that from caps she's made, caps she's received, or from the many comments she's left, but it was there.  And while I was writing her as smart, I was also writing her as cocky... and that just didn't flow with the Jillisa I had in mind.

So I saved the images and came back this afternoon to take another swing.  To get my juices flowing I re-read Jillisa's preferences and focused in on her submissive streak.  I figured that would make a nice thing to focus on.  And if I was focusing in on it, why not have her trying to fight against it in the beginning .. trying to be the dominant man for his girlfriend?  Once I started thinking down that path, I kind of wanted everyone to be sweet and loving in the story.  I didn't want to focus on the change itself and more focused on Tammy and Calvin hatching this plot to show Jeff that he was even more submissive than he thought.  That turning into a girl and submitting to Calvin's desires would ultimately make him... make her... much happier.

When I went to writing I took my time as Jillisa is a stickler for both smelling and grammar.  The story came out easily enough, and I tried to avoid to many edits just to line up the text in the layout, as I'll often add more typos there.  And even though I re-read the caption about four times, I'm sure there will be something in there for Jillisa to catch.   

Design wise, I knew this would be a fairly simple layout.  The only thing I took particular effort to do was extend the first image a bit on the left.  The text box was bigger than I wanted, and I wanted to push the model off to the right.  Thankfully it's a fairly bland background and the text box would cover most of it it up.

Hopefully she can overlook any errors, and enjoy the caption, and I hope that you all enjoy it as well.  I have to say that right now, I'm really liking it myself.


  1. I love it. I have a strong submissive side also... in play the real world, not so much. The pics are sooo beautiful. *sigh*

  2. Mmmmmmm just reading the word submit does wonderfully, tingly squirmy things to me ^_^ This is quite a sensual story, and the pictures are all so lovely too!

  3. Great storytelling. Also, sucking cock! ;)

  4. The images you selected for this one are gorgeous and perfectly fit the amazing story you wrote. Great caption.

  5. A wonderfully hot read with perfect picture selection. KUDOS and mmmm Yeah!

  6. WOW,,, Is this ever erotic...
    GREAT caption