Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Monthly Report - April 2013

Serving up 134,607/188,825 Page Views

Well it seems that April was a very good month for the blog when considering page views.  I have only had two months top 134,607 page views (April and May of 2012).  More importantly it's the third month in a row that I've increased my page views.  Take out a little dip in February and you could say that I've been increasing page views each month since my low in October 2012 (where I had a crisis of consciousness in relations to everything 'Caitlyn').

I had 23 posts.  One was a guest cap, one was a cap failure, two were collaborations, one was a question and of course one was a Monthly Report.  That leaves 17 new caps this month!  Not a bad haul!

Anywho... on to the numbers

  • Total Page Views: 134,607/188,825
  • Total Visits: 40,423 (Averaging 4.67 views per visit)
  • 35,297 Visits were from referals
    • 7,413 from
    • 2,745  from Smitty's TG Caps
    • 1,862  from
    • 952  from Rauk22 Captions
    • 888 from
  • 3,433 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,690 found their way here via search
The search terms that brought the most people in include:  caitlyn's masks, tg captions,  medallion of zulo, and hypnosis captions.  I have to admit that I'm really pleased with how many people are searching for this blog using variations on Caitlyn's Masks.  Obviously, I dont' get a LOT of search traffic, but out of the 251 one visitors in the top ten search terms variations of Caitlyn's Masks constituted 185!

This month's highest viewed caps were:
  1. My Roll In Their Threesome - 4,219
  2. The Importance of being Detailed - 4,176
  3. This is not a test! - 3,947
  4. Almost Everything You Wished For - 2,875
  5. Failure: Just Accept It... No One Wants You! - 2,755 
Just missing the cut with 2,515 page views is F.U.C.K.D.  If you remember, that cap was posted at the end of last month and in five days received 4,759 page views.  Together that makes it one of my most popular caps of all time! Not too shabby for being up only 36 days!

Some other caps that I particularly enjoyed this month that didn't make the top five viewed were:
  • Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man? - 2,070
    • This was a fun non traditional story to tell.  The design is rather 'meh', but I think the story is one of my better emotional ones. 
  • The Haunted Mask - 953
    • This one didn't get many page views and it certainly isn't my best design, but I honestly loved the story.  
Conversation wise, I really only had the one question post.  And it only got one comment.  But there have been two themes going through my posts that several people have picked up on.  First is just a general malaise.  I'm finding it harder and harder to keep my spirits up and I think that's coming through with my caps.  More this month have been sad or emotional... even when they're 'smutty'.  The second theme is my job search.  I had a job interview last month that I didn't end up getting (leading to my cap "Failure: Just Accept It... No One Wants You!".  After that I tried applying for several jobs out of the nursing field.  I didn't want them, but I figured I was a shoe in for them and that they would pay decently.... but I got turned down for those two jobs VERY quickly.  That hurt.  I've gotten so down on myself about getting a job that I'm now considering employment at places that barely pay over minimum wage.  It won't help pay down the tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt and certainly couldn't be a career... but they're better than what I have now.  

So... I'd really like to thank everybody that's had a kind uplifting word for me.  While I'm just sharing what's in my head and not seeking attention from this, it really does make me feel better.  

As I said last month I can't imagine May being better than April, but I do plan to keep plugging away.  As always, thank you for viewing this and visiting the blog! 

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