Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Army Wives Club

Camo is key to fitting in!

Having a wife in the army was tough.  Her deployments were often long and I’d miss her companionship.  I balked at the idea of joining the “Army Wives Club” but she assured me it was just a club for army spouses… husbands and wives.  It turns out I was the only husband their and the women in the club were as happy about my membership as I was.  That is until they decided that they’d help me fit in more appropriately. 

Not wanting to make any waves in this insular community I agreed figuring after my wife’s 3 month tour in Afghanistan we could always move away from these crazy ladies.  So I did as the wives required;  I kept my body shaved smooth.  I grew my hair out and let them color and style it.  I started wearing makeup and joining the ladies at their Pilates class.  I even joined them on their ‘date’ nights when we’d all sit around with lifelike dildos and watch porn. 

I could have laughed all of that off but when the girls heard that my wife had been re-deployed for another six months they insisted I get a big gift for my spouse.  How exactly am I going to explain breast implants to my wife?

source:  fuskator


  1. Erm well he has six months to think of something how about could say..but that sounds....erm

  2. Awesome cap! I'd love to see one where the wife redeploys and enjoys the changes he as made.