Thursday, September 24, 2015

Red Soles

You meant the heels right?

That’s enough Sam, take the position and I’ll give you 10 spankings.  Now I know it’s been a tough week, but let’s review how exactly we got here.   Ever since you showed me your cap blog I knew this was what you wanted.  Sure, you said that it was just fantasy and that you really didn’t want to be turned into some sex fantasy secretary, but we both know you were just playing coy.  That part of your fantasy was being ‘forced’ into it.  And when you sent me that link to the shoe site and told me you really wanted the ones with the red soles… well hey I don’t need to be hit over the head.  You wanted me to do this. 

So naturally I took you up on it.  I bought you the Louboutin stilettos with the red soles.  Of course I included the lacy topped stockings, the form fitting skirt, the patterned silk panites, the open top blouse, and the wig to go along with it.  I let you protest and act like this wasn’t what you wanted, but we both knew.  So I played along as the evil maniacal ‘boss’ and pulled you over my knee.  What did it take that first time?  20 spanks to shut you up?  But like the little trooper you are, you learned your lesson well and only spoke when I gave you permission. 

After that came your spa day.  Maria told me you squealed like a school girl as they removed all your body hair with that waxing process.  But then you had to go and try to pull her into your little fantasy.  You know she almost called the police?  Thankfully she called me instead and I was able to calm you back down with your first bare bottomed spanking. 

Next was your fun day with the stylist and full body massage… what was your masseuse’s name?  Marcus? Anyway, he said you just wouldn’t stop squirming as he worked out your tense muscles.  Oh and he sent an email saying he could squeeze you in any time you want and he’s looking forward to your next tip.  I guess that’s a pun isn’t it as your gratuity was taking HIS tip right?   Oh stop blushing, he loved it as much as you did I’m sure.

After we all let you look and act so girly… oh yeah, sorry… after we all ‘forced’ you to look and act so girly you played it beautifully here in the office.  Making me show you how to bend forward to show off that luscious ass of yours all the time.  And those tears you shed when I made you sit in my lap for dictation… I almost believed you didn’t enjoy feeing my hardon grow against your tush.  And I swear you are the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen when you were under my desk with your luscious red lips spread around my cock.    But that’s where the fantasy breaks down… you are just too good at giving head.

So before I give you your spankings, tell me how I’m wrong.  How I didn’t read you like a book and give you everything you’ve wanted for the past week?  What’s that?  The Jordan basketball shoes with the red soles?  So you didn’t mean the heels?  And when you complained to Maria?  I see.   And when you were begging Marcus to stop?  Mmm Hmm.  So those tears while sitting in my lap?  And under the desk?  And now? 

Well hey, let’s not cry over spilled milk.  What’s done is done right?  No harm no foul?  You can go back to your suit and tie tomorrow and we’ll just call today casual Thursday.  Would you like one final spanking as long as you’re already in position?  Ok Ok Ok… no need to scream.  Just man up and shake it off!

source:  Elegant Lady

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