Thursday, September 17, 2015

Spiritual Mentor

Walk the path and you will believe!

Look, I know what I agreed to.  If I accepted you as my spiritual mentor, then I’d follow everything you said. That together we’d transform me into my perfect spiritual being… but could you explain how exactly this is helping me find nirvana? 

Well yeah, each step made sense at the time.  Growing my hair out longer allowed my spirituality to flow from my mind and protect me.  And yes, removing all of my facial and body hair and shaping my eyebrows like this made sure none of my spiritual energy would be wasted elsewhere.  And ok, wearing the makeup did hide away my inner self and let me grow in peace.  No, I agree that wearing a dress and jewelry did let me experience the feeling of protection when we went out to dinner. 

I’m sorry if I’m not quite understanding all of this master, but from the outside this just looks like you’re transforming from a man into your ideal girlfriend.   I didn’t want to believe that but now you’re telling me that taking your penis deep into my mouth well help me open my spirit to all manner of new possibilities… well that just seems to be you getting me to suck your cock. 

No master, I don’t doubt you and yes I do want to remain your student.  I apologize for doubting you. May I please take your spirit into me as I open myself to new possibilities?  Wait… what do you mean turn around?

source:  fuskator

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  1. It may end in a zen moment but not sure for who.