Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I'm With Her!


Yes, I like that you helped transform me from a normal schlub of a guy into this sexy feminine body.  Yes, I adore that you lord over me and tell me what to do.  Yes, I love the feel of your hands on my breasts and the taste of your cock in my mouth.  Yes, I love acting like your live in maid and serving drinks at your important parties.  Yes I love when you let your friends feel me up without letting them know that I have an extra special package under my panties.  Yes, I even love it when you take me around to my former job sites and see if any of my old co-workers can recognize me.  

Yes, I love all of that. 

But if you vote for Trump, then I’m fucking out of here!  Now drink your drink, fuck me up the ass, blow your load all over my back, then get out and vote for Hillary!

You know, I never try to be too political.  It's a hot button issue for many people and I'd rather remain friends than prove that I'm right on the all things political.   I've always imagined that the majority of people that come here are liberals.  It's hard to be a social conservative with the fetish desire to be transformed into a woman, a love for sissys, and an open mind to other peoples plights and lives.  But that got me to thinking... all of those big Alpha males, the ones transforming all of us helpless betas into girly girls... are they conservative?  Would your sugar daddy go out and vote for Trump?  

That's what lead to this obscura.  It's mean to be tongue in cheek, but the one serious side of it... no matter who you vote for, learn about the candidates and vote.  Don't like the presidential choices?  That's fine, there are state and local elections on your ballot I'm sure and you should learn about them and go out and vote.  

What are you still doing here?  VOTE!!!!!!!

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  1. "Would your sugar daddy go out and vote for Trump?"


    I'm sorry, that was too much funny

    Just to try and be serious... If we would be allowed to vote in Europe, in Spain. About 65% would vote right now for Hillary without a doubt... Moreover not much than a meager 10% would vote for Trump and the rest would abstain from voting. So there's that... There is an agreement from left to right parties on voting on Hillary rather than Trump

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra