Sunday, November 6, 2016

Proving a Point

Backing up what you say can be tough!

What an idiot I was.  Sure, I could blame it on the booze but I was only buzzed and I knew what I was saying.   I just didn’t know I was saying it to a feminist witch.  A feminist witch who could change me into a girl and who would leave me as one until I could prove my theory and provide photographic evidence.  She even recorded what I said and makes me listen to it every day. 

“just think about it chicky… women love all their holes filled up.  Let’s start with the pussy… you girls love to get fucked as much as us guys love to fuck.  That’s a fact and there ain’t nobody that’s gonna deny it.  Next up is dat ass.  Most girls think it’s gonna hurt or that it’s dirty or sinful… I can already see that yer in that camp.  But the ones that get past it become freaks in bed!  They become real butt sluts and love guys tappin that ass!  And last… those luscious lips.  Yup, even you have to see how sexy it is when a woman parts her lips like that… yer getting me hard already!  Once a girl has her lips wrapped around a thick hard cock and realizes how much her man loves it she becomes addicted.   Now put all those together and any open-minded woman would naturally love to have three guys on her at the same time!”

After the shock wore off from her changing me into a woman and after I believed that she would leave me this way until I proved my theory I got to work.  I was right on the first point…. Finger fucking myself feels amazing!  But butt…. Well that’s still taking some getting used to.  Her boyfriend… did I mention that her boyfriend was overseeing and helping me with my attempts to prove my theory?  No?  Well… he is.  Well he offered to fuck me in the ass but I had to admit my first defeat when I admitted to being scared about how much it would hurt.  So he’s provided me with these ultra-cute jeweled butt plugs.  I think he gets a real kick out of seeing that heart peek out.  And now after setting up the camera and taking a picture of me like this he’s telling me how sexy it is when my lips part and I let out that moan.  I can see that it’s time to put my last point to the test…. He’s already got his pants off and his thick hard cock is coming this way.  

Hey, in case you missed it, I had a week worth of D+X obscura and an invite to come on over and play with me there.  If you want to read up on it click here!

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