Thursday, November 10, 2016


What are your limits?

She said it wasn’t about the sex.  Yes, I’d have to let him fuck me whenever he wanted.  Yes, I’d have to give him oral whenever he asked.  But ultimately he’d use her for his sexual appetites.  I was there for the rush of power it would give him.  And while I don’t quite understand how I anybody could feel good about changing a guy into a girl in almost every way, I certainly understood the transfer of power.  Standing here and presenting my plugged ass to his inspection, standing here holding my girlfriend’s hand, standing here made to look as much like her as humanly possible… I feel completely powerless.  

It’s far FAR too late to back out of this now, but I can’t help but wonder how or when I thought this would be a good idea.  Sure, Ally and I never had the traditional relationship.  She was a high class call girl and I started out as one of her many customers.  I was wealthy enough to afford her, but in the playground of the truly rich I was just a small fish.  We started going out outside of her work and we soon realized that we loved each other.  It never bothered me that she continued to work her trade…. She was so good at it and took pride in providing her customers the best experience that she could. 

Several months after we started our relationship she told me about him.  I’d of course heard about him in the news.  Everybody knew his name and knew that he had more money that he could ever spend.  The only limit to his life was his imagination, and it turned out that he had quite the imagination.  He’d hire Ally push her buttons.  Everything that she said no to, he would simply up the offer of cash until ‘no’ became ‘yes’.   She wouldn’t stay the night with any of her customers… but for an extra five thousand she stayed and made him breakfast.  She wouldn’t accept anal.  But ten grand bought her rear cherry.  She wouldn’t travel with a customer but one hundred grand bought her for his trip to Paris. 

After a while Ally and I figured out that he didn’t even want half of the things he paid her to do.  He just loved finding out her limits and buying his way past them.  For example, he wasn’t an voyeur by nature but he paid her $200,000 to let him watch us make love.  I didn’t know at the time that that’s when he started making an offer for me.  I guess his first offer to make me into Ally’s twin was half a million dollars.  She refused all offers and I can’t imagine how hard it was to turn down two million dollars without even mentioning it to me. 

But when he saw that money wouldn’t buy Ally’s participation, let alone my agreement, he started to make it easier on her.  He promised that it wouldn’t be permanent.   He said that I could keep my penis.  He assured her that any surgeries and hormonal changes could be reversed.  He even put a time limit on it… that after he accepted I was as close to Ally that I could physically become we would only have to stay as ‘his girls’ for two years.   When Ally presented it all to me I couldn’t get past what this guy wanted to do, but I also couldn’t get past the money.  Ally and I would never have another opportunity to earn twenty million dollars.  

The yes didn’t come quickly and it didn’t come without a lot of conversations and sweeteners to the deal.  But it did eventually come.  I started my hormone treatments 2 years ago and had my first surgery 6 months later.  The recovery from all the trips under the knife was terrible and dealing with the hormones was almost as bad.  But a deal is a deal and here we are.  In two years I’ll be able to return to myself.  He’s paid for my transformation and he’ll pay for everything I need to transform back.  When it’s all said and done I’ll have more money in my account than I know what to do with and Ally won’t ever see him again. 

Unless he wants to offer another deal.   I can’t imagine what he’d want to do with us…. But his imagination and never ending supply of money is exactly how this started. 


  1. This is a great story! I wonder what will happen when the 2 years are up?

  2. wonderful writing! I really enjoyed the story :)

  3. I really enjoyed the story! And I hope I will be a second part too! like, what would happen after 2 years?

  4. Just love it. Please, write a part II.

  5. Thank you everybody for your kind comments! It's always appreciated. I don't think I'll ever return to write a second part for this story. While it would be fun to imagine what happened to these two, I think that fun would be ruined if I solidified it into a story. I won't completely rule out the possibility of adding a second part, but I just don't see it happening.

  6. Bundas deliciosas ,belas,que tesão,adoraria lambe-las todinhas e socar essa pica até o saco,nu aqui e de pau muito duro,beijos...