Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I've Heard It All Before...

These young couples and their strange stories...

Look Lady whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying.  I don’t know if this is some practical joke or what, but it’s getting pretty old.  You’re the fourth blushing bride that’s tried this.  Oh, you think your story is unique?  Lemme guess, your buddy or boss or wife bought you some lingerie and said it was a gag gift or a disguise or some other stupid non-believable story.  And when you started putting it on your body changed to fit it.  You put on the stockings and noticed all your leg hair fall out and slim down until they looked real sexy in them.  Next you put the panties on.  When you pulled them up your dick got sucked into your body and a pussy formed instead.  It even plumped out your ass and hips into this glorious form.  Right?  But then instead of doing the logical thing and just take the damned lingerie off you put the garter belt on.  And guess what, surprise surprise, it pulled in your waist.  Next came the bra and your big girls grew out finishing off the hourglass figure.  And then this guy whose body has been changed into a total babe did what everybody would do in that circumstance… you put on the makeup.  Yup, as you brushed on that lipstick your lips puffed out, the eye blush thinned out your face, the eye liner blah blah blah blah….

Like I said, I’ve heard it all before.  So how about we act like I’m all surprised and shocked and just save it.  Your fiancĂ© has paid me a lot of money to get these boudoir photos and I’m going to get them.   Now brush your hair back, put your hands behind your neck and look sexy for the camera! 

Perfect babe!  Oh look.. here comes your husband now!

source:  Modern Goddess


  1. Brittany7. Love your work and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Well of course they can't stop, how could you...?