Monday, February 21, 2011

Pool Party!

For our sensitive viewers please avert your eyes.  I'm just kidding.. I know ya like the dirty stuff!

This is a cap series I did for Rebecca Molay over at the Haven.  As much as I owe Dee for finding the haven, I owe Rebecca just as much.  I found one of Dee's caps on her blog, (and if you've never been to her blog, just stop what you are doing and go check it out now!) and that is what lead me to the Haven.  It actually took me awhile to see that Rebecca was even on the haven.  I'm glad that it did, as by the time I got to write her this, I was happy with the style I had developed.  Both in layouts, and in story telling.  This isn't just a 'insert blow job pic' type of cap, although it is dirty.   I really wrote this out as a trial in humiliation.  How bad can it get for our heroine?

Going out in public with the body of an escort?  Check
Going out in just a bikini?  Check
Giving your friend a BJ?  Check
Having other people comment on your BJ while in action? Check
Getting fucked by your friend?  Check
Screaming our your first female orgasm in front of others?  Check
Getting anally fucked by your friend?  Check
Being a spectacle while being pushed up and down your friends cock?  Check
Having him cum in your face? Check
Having in loan you out to others?  Check

I think this series is the farthest I've pushed humiliating acts to a single person.  I've had other caps where I explore the humiliation itself in more detail, but those caps didn't involve humiliation after humiliation with humiliation sauce poured over it and side helping of humiliation.

Story wise I really like this one.  Desgin wise, I think it works very well, but I still have some of the pics high in the cap, where it should really be low. And for a seven panel cap, I really only have two layouts: vertical picture in the upper left, horizontal picture at the top.  I think I just got to much into the story while laying it out and focused on that aspect.  But I did throw a background image in (rippling water) instead of just a plain color background.


  1. This was a great cap Caitlyn, especially at the end where his so called friend loans him out to his boss. I'm reminded of the saying, with friends like this who needs enemies. The humiliation probably wouldn't have been as bad coming from an enemy. At least there would have been the expectation of humiliating treatment at their hands. Great story and pictures!

  2. Thanks Hrdknight! I agree that humiliation among friends is so much better than it is between strangers/enemies. The only thing that could make it more 'humiliating' to me, is to be used by a friend/friends but they don't know it is you. I think Jennifer had the feeling best in one of her caps: "How will I look at him on Monday?"

    Just picture sitting around listening to your friends go on about the slut they banged for hours, and being the only person aware that YOU were the slut banged around for hours. That would be a never ending humiliation!